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Should 'horse-tripping' be banned at Mexican rodeos in US?

9 October 2013 Last updated at 02:08 BST

Mexican rodeos, known as Charreria, are colourful pageants and horse riding competitions that evolved from traditions brought from Spain in the 1600s.

With the US Hispanic population on the rise, the rodeos are popular events in states such as California, Texas and Nevada.

However, "horse roping" - one of the 10 events that make up the rodeo - is now illegal in Las Vegas. Lawmakers voted in August to uphold a local ban, a decision that led to the cancellation of the Charreria World Series in the city last month.

Animal rights activists claim 'horse roping' is cruel and dangerous. Charreria organisers say Mexican-American culture is under attack and worry the ban will have a chilling effect on the sport in other states.

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