Generation Cool: Self-obsessed Millennials having so much fun


Adam Gray and Sam Fuchs are 29-year-old digital artists and founders of the Hella More Funner collective in San Francisco.

They spend hours searching the internet for images, which they then use to create huge collages of the online world.

Their work resembles what late-medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch might have painted had he had an internet connection and photo editing software.

"Everyone's sort of mentally obese," explains Fuchs, commenting on the overload of images and possibilities we are exposed to every day online. "I feel like distraction has a big part to do with our generation's story."

Hella More Funner artwork celebrates human relationships in the age of social media, while at the same time revealing their darker undertones.

"We will not be a great generation," says Gray. "We are too self-absorbed, spending most of our time on frivolous things, like posting photos of ourselves. We are cool kids, we are the cool generation."

Produced by the BBC's Anna Bressanin

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