Latinos in America: Daily lives beyond the stereotypes


The Hispanic population in the US now numbers more than 50 million. Often described as a monolithic group - and categorised under the catch-all term Latino - in reality it is hard to pigeonhole Latinos.

Literally meaning "everyday life", Cotidiano, a new exhibition in Washington DC of images by 12 photographers of Latino descent, attempts to move beyond the outdated stereotypes by looking at this diverse and rapidly changing community.

The BBC spoke with Claudi Carreras, the curator of the travelling exhibition and accompanying book, as well as photographer Susana Raab and Guillermo Corral, the cultural attache at the Spanish Embassy who commissioned Cotidiano.

Produced by the BBC's Bill McKenna and Felicia Barr

The exhibition and photobook includes noted artists Carlos Alvarez Montero, Sol Aramendi, Katrina Marcelle d'Autremont, Cale, Ricardo Cases, Livia Corona, Hector Mata, Karen Miranda, Dulce Pinzon, Susana Raab, Stefan Ruiz, and Gihan Tubbeh.

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