News tweets: Paul Ryan shirtless

Julian Assange, Russell Brand, Joe Biden
Image caption Julian Assange, Russell Brand, Joe Biden

For the week ending 10 August, here is the news making waves in America - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. CTV is actually touting that we've achieved our best-ever number of bronzes. This may be the most Canadian brag ever.

Maclaran's writer Scott Feschuk (@scottfeschuk) takes modest national pride in his country's Olympic achievements.

2. I'm sorry. With the best will in the world, Russell Brand is NOT the Walrus

Writer Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie) is horrified by the Olympic closing ceremonies, where Brand sang The Beatles' classic.

3. "Wonder if Sununu's fired now" is both a legitimate question and a palindrome.

Twitter user Trifecta (@3fecta) has fun with wordplay. Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu had a contentious week promoting Mitt Romney's candidacy on TV.

4. Moby has voiced his support behind #PussyRiot. If the Kremlin doesn't throw in the towel now, I don't know what.

New Republic writer Julia Ioffe (@ioffemoscow). Despite the support from recording artists like Moby, three members of the Russian band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in jail for hooliganism after protesting against the Orthodox Church's close ties to the Russian state.

5. The chains remark was bad, but the worst part of Biden's speech was when he suddenly asked where he was and if Matlock was on soon.

Twitter user Caleb Howe (@calebhowe) after Vice-President Biden came under fire for telling an African-American audience that the republicans would put them "back in chains".

6. A giant python was discovered in Florida. Spooky news for a state that derives half it's income from a giant mouse.

Comedian Dana Gould (@DanaGould) is worried about the implications for Disney World now that a 17-ft Burmese Python, carrying over 80 eggs, was discovered in Florida.

7. Dave Mustaine accusing Obama of staging the Aurora shooting is now the #2 reason I won't listen to Megadeth. #1 remains Megadeth's music.

Television writer Brendan Hay (@B_Hay) reacts after lead singer Mustaine said President Obama orchestrated the recent shootings to implement harsher gun control.

8. I'm worried that staying indoors all day will make Julian Assange look pale and creepy.

Twitter user Alex (@cllsen). Wikileaks founder Assange has been granted asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The UK wishes to extradite him to Sweden, where he is facing allegations of sexual assault.

9. 59% of TMZ users give Ryan's bod a "7" or higher. But they don't break it down by swing states.

Hill writer Christian Heinze (@CPHeinze) after the gossip website TMZ unearthed the first photos of Paul Ryan shirtless. Americans took to the internet searching for topless Paul Ryan pictures after he was chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate.

10. Scrabble cheating scandal: NCAA to vacate all of the kid's Scrabble wins, and a 2-year ban using the letter "S".

Sportswriter Jay Bilas (@jaybilas). An underage player in the national Scrabble tournament was found to have palmed two blank tiles. He was disqualified and suspended from future competitions.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity