Cult of kids' soccer is a family affair


Kendra Davenport's family dedicates over 30 hours a week to her daughter Peyton's soccer team.

And as if travelling more than 50 miles to and from practice wasn't enough, each game is located out of state.

That means on 30 weekends-a-year the Virginia family of five is on the road. Each excursion comes with a price tag of about $600 (£400).

This story isn't uncommon.

According to America's largest youth football association - Youth US Soccer - the sport has exploded in popularity. In 1974, there were only 100,000 kids registered on teams. By 2011, there were close to 3.1m lacing up.

But with US professional soccer viewership one of the lowest in the world, why the extreme dedication?

"For me, it's all about spending time with her and my family," said Ms Davenport. "This facilitates that."

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