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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Edvard Munch's The Scream has become the most expensive artwork sold at auction, after it fetched $119.9m (£74m), beating which painting?

  1. Francis Bacon's Triptych
  2. Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust
  3. Vincent van Gogh Portrait of Dr Paul Gachet


Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust was painted in 1932. It has only been publicly displayed once since 1951.


2.) Multiple Choice Question

Adele's 21 has overtaken Michael Jackson's Thriller as the fifth bestselling album in the UK, with 4.3m sales. Which record is first?

  1. Queen's Greatest Hits
  2. The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  3. Abba's Gold: Greatest Hits

3.) Missing Word Question

Iceman's * is world's oldest

  1. painting
  2. language
  3. blood

4.) Multiple Choice Question

The Royal Mint in Wales opened its doors to journalists to see thousands of Olympic and Paralympic medals being made. Gold medals contain some gold but are 92 per cent...

Gold medals
  1. Copper
  2. Silver
  3. Bronze

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Heathrow airport has been ordered by an official to stop doing what?

  1. Keeping loose change left behind at security
  2. Handing out apology leaflets about queues
  3. Filming passengers for promotional video

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Details about the "Juice" mission were released this week. What does it relate to?

  1. Tests being carried out on engine technology designed to lift a spaceplane into orbit
  2. The extraction of precious metals and rare minerals from asteroids
  3. Exploration of Jupiter's moons

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The tourist board in which nation has reported a "surge" of interest from British holiday makers after it was depicted in a particular cinematic film?

  1. Yemen - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  2. Jamaica - Marley
  3. Pilau - Journey to the Mysterious Island


  1. It was Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust, which sold for $106.5m (£65.8) in 2010.
  2. It's Queen's Greatest Hits, followed by Sgt Pepper's and then Gold in third place. However, Thriller is the biggest seller worldwide, with upwards of 60m sales. Adele's 21 has sold about 20m.
  3. It's blood. Traces of blood have been discovered around the arrow wound of Otzi the Iceman, whose frozen body was found in the Italian Alps in 1991, some 5,300 years after he died. One scientist said that up until now there had been uncertaintl about how long blood could survive.
  4. It's silver. They contain 1.34 per cent gold and the rest is copper. The International Olympic Committee requires at least six grammes of gold per medal.
  5. It's the leaflet at immigration, where some arriving passengers were waiting in queues for three hours. The airport owner BAA was giving out a leaflet apologising for the problems but now the Border Agency has ordered them to stop and called it "inflammatory".
  6. It's the mission to explore Jupiter's moons. The Jupiter Icy Moons Explore mission (Juice) will be run by the European Space Agency, which wants to investigate the possibility of "waterworlds" that may harbour life.
  7. It's Yemen. A report in the Telegraph quoted tourism officials saying that they had had to warn people that the country did not have a salmon fishing industry.

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