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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Whose blue suede shoes?

Blue suede shoes
  1. Carlos Slim, top of Forbes rich list
  2. Prince Harry in Jamaica
  3. Engelbert Humperdinck, who will represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest


The light-brown desert-style boots worn by the prince for less informal engagements during the tour have apparently sparked a fashion frenzy.


2.) Multiple Choice Question

British athletes have been warned against doing what during the Olympic Games this summer?

  1. Tweeting
  2. Having sex
  3. Shaking hands

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Manchester City's Italian striker Mario Balotelli was expelled from the Trafford Centre in Manchester for doing what?

Mario Balotelli
  1. Riding a Vespa
  2. Wearing a hoodie
  3. Taunting Manchester United fans

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Carmaker Nissan announced it would build a new model at its Sunderland factory. What is it called?

Nissan logo
  1. Celebration
  2. Salutation
  3. Invitation

5.) Multiple Choice Question

David Bowie's 1970s alter ego Ziggy Stardust is to be honoured with a plaque - one of only a couple of fictional characters to be celebrated in this way. Where will it be?

  1. A terraced house in suburban Kent
  2. A probe being sent by Nasa to Mars
  3. A street in central London

6.) Missing Word Question

World's most expensive * displayed

  1. carpet
  2. car
  3. coin

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The singer Morrissey made headlines at a concert in Argentina when his band performed wearing T-shirts adorned with which slogan?

  1. We hate William and Kate
  2. Free the Malvinas
  3. La carne es una masacre (Meat is murder)


  1. The shoes belong to Prince Harry, representing the Queen on a visit to mark her Diamond Jubilee. Slim has now topped the global rich list for three years in succession. Humperdinck, 75, says it will be an honour to sing for the UK in Baku in May.
  2. It's shaking hands. The warning came from British Olympic Association chief medical officer Ian McCurdie, who said: "We are talking about minimising risk of illness. It is all about hand hygiene."
  3. It was the hoodie. Security staff asked Balotelli to remove his hood, in line with the Manchester shopping centre's policy, but he said if he did so he would attract too much attention. He shook hands with staff before leaving.
  4. It's Invitation. The five-door car is expected to go into production from mid-2013.
  5. The plaque will be placed on Heddon Street, near Regent Street, in central London, where Bowie was first photographed as Ziggy.
  6. It's the coin. The 1933 Double Eagle coin is an American $20 coin that never made it into circulation due to the end of the gold standard in 1933. It fetched $7.5m (£4.8m) in 2002 and is currently on a European tour.
  7. The T-shirts read: "We hate William and Kate." At the show in Buenos Aires, the famously vegetarian ex-Smiths frontman also told the crowd he supported Argentina's claim over the Falkland Islands - aka the Malvinas.

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