Jungle tribes untouched by modern civilisation


They are among the Amazon's last uncontacted tribes and have avoided contact with modern civilisation by hiding in the deepest recesses of the jungle.

Journalist, writer and photographer, Scott Wallace, takes us on a three-month journey through the Brazilian Amazon to map the territory of the Arrow People - a rarely glimpsed indigenous group whose life and language remain a mystery and who have repelled previous intruders with deadly arrows.

The Unconquered - In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes explores efforts to protect the rainforest and those who rely on it for survival.

In the book, Brazilian explorer and social activist Sydney Possuelo leads a 34-strong team - which includes the author - into the jungle to search for evidence of the Arrow People's range and culture.

In doing so the team must avoid making contact with the tribe, which risks decimation by modern diseases against which it has no protection, should contact be inadvertently made.

Photos: courtesy Scott Wallace and Gleilson Miranda, FUNAI/Survival International

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