The SAS secret hidden since World War II

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The hunters

The SAS War Crimes Team was set up in 1945 to specifically hunt down Germans who had killed SAS men.

SAS executions

SAS executions

The execution of SAS soldiers in France in September 1944 was the trigger. During an operation 31 SAS went missing and many of their dead bodies were later discovered in Gaggenau, Germany. Some had been tortured before being killed.

The trials

The trials

Major Bill Barkworth and his team set up base in the German town and started to hunt for those responsible. They were found and tried. The leaders (left) were sentenced to death by shooting, while many of their soldiers were put in prison.

The hunt continued

In October 1945 the SAS was disbanded, but those in charge of the War Crimes Team came to an unofficial arrangement with a former Russian prince at the War Office. It continued to receive money for another three years and in that time hunted down many German war criminals and brought them to justice.



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