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Weather video: Cloudy and windy with rain easing by dawn

Rebecca Wood

BBC Midlands Today

A quick check on the weather forecast before we end today's live stream.

It'll be cloudy and windy at first tonight with some outbreaks of rain. Tomorrow will start off cloudy with some rain at first, but this will soon ease

Record lottery win: Timeline of a £66m jackpot

- 9 January 2016: The draw was made, with a record top prize of £66m available after 14 weeks without a jackpot winner

- 10 January: Camelot announces there are two tickets bearing the winning numbers

- 13 January: Carol and David Martin, a couple from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, announce they are one of the winners and in "total shock"


- 21 January: With one £33m-winning ticket still unclaimed, Camelot announces it was bought "in the Worcester area"

- 25 January: Hundreds of people claim to have a lost or damaged winning ticket including one potential claimant who feared she put hers through the wash

- 28 January: Camelot announces it has tracked down the winning ticket which was not subjected to a review - the winner has remained anonymous

Lottery jackpot ticket holder to keep all £33m, unlike winners in the USA

Lottery prizes may be higher in the USA -  the latest Powerball jackpot was $1.6bn (£1.1bn) - but winners don't get to keep it all, unlike the UK equivalent.

The US government levies a 39.6% federal income tax on the winners, and the payout will also be subject any taxes that the winners' home states may impose.

However if the lucky winner of £33m, who's from Worcester, tries to pass the money on it would be subject to inheritance tax.


Latest: Holder of record £33m lottery ticket comes forward; Worcester winner wants anonymity

Here are the latest headlines on the lottery jackpot story:

- Camelot say the holder of the winning ticket, bought in Worcester, has come forward

- The winner doesn't want to be named and Camelot says it has "a duty of care to protect the anonymity"

- Winner of a previous £22.5m jackpot says the ticket holder should take it "day-by-day"

Other record lottery jackpots

To put the UK's £66m record jackpot into perspective here are the top jackpots from across the world:

- Spain - El Gordo - €2.24bn (£1.68bn)

- USA - Powerball - $1.6bn (£1.1bn)

'Take it day by day' advises previous lottery jackpot winner

The holder of Worcester's winning £33m lottery ticket should "enjoy it" but also "take it day-by-day", according to a previous jackpot winner.

Mark Gardiner from Hastings shared a £22.5m lottery win with a colleague in 1995.

It's a fantastic feeling, but take it easy, take it day-by-day, because there are going to be lots of people who are going to advise [the winner] on how to send the money.

Mark Gardiner Lottery winner

What the winners of the other half of the £66m lottery jackpot plan to do

The winners of the other half of the record £66m National Lottery jackpot, are David and Carol Martin, both aged 54.


"If we had won £50,000 we would have probably been dancing round the living room," said Mr Martin.

"But when we were sitting looking at each other and we had won £33m we didn't speak to each other for about five minutes."

The couple from Hawick in the Scottish Border said they intended to take early retirement as soon as possible.

The modest way to celebrate becoming a lottery millionaire

Grandfather John Baxter, who won £1m on EuroMillions in 2013, said: "I went to the supermarket and splashed out a tenner on new slippers.

"I couldn't think of anything else I really needed."

Winning ticket not 'lost, stolen destroyed or damaged'

Camelot said the fact that a ticket had been validated within 180 days of the draw meant it had not been submitted under its lost, stolen destroyed or damaged policy.

In the days since the winning numbers were announced, the lottery operator says it has been inundated with claims.


Record lottery jackpot follows 14 rollovers

The £66m jackpot was won on 9 January after 14 consecutive rollovers.

At the time, Camelot said that if the two tickets were held by individuals, each them would be the joint biggest National Lottery winners.

Winner of £33m extra lucky due to change in the number of balls in the lottery draw

Changes to the number of balls in the lottery draw have made a win statistically less likely.

This pushed out the odds of picking six correct numbers from one in 14 million to one in 45 million.


In October last year, Lotto operator Camelot added 10 extra balls to the draws taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, taking the number from 49 to 59.

Lottery winner chooses to remain anonymous

The holder of the winning lottery ticket worth £33m has chosen to remain anonymous, Camelot says.

The lottery operator says under its licence to operate it has "a duty of care to protect the anonymity of all National Lottery winners" and "no further details" would be released.


What to do with a £33m lottery win

A mere £12.4m will buy you eight acres of paradise in the Bahamas.

Gumelemi Cay is supplied with electricity, water and cable TV but it is otherwise a blank canvas for today's lottery winners to transform into their own oasis. You can find more ideas on what the money could buy in this BBC article.


A 1992 Boeing MD 87 VIP to fly there will cost £6m.

It boasts a stateroom, with its own bed and en-suite, as well as a nine-seater first-class cabin for VIPs.

There is also a "clubroom" for six passengers and a premium coach for another 21 people.



Second lottery winner found amid hundreds of claims

A record £66m Lotto jackpot was drawn on 9 January, with Camelot announcing there were two winners.

A couple from Hawick quickly came forward, but a failure to identify the second ticket-holder led the lottery operator to reveal more details, including that it was bought in Worcester.

Earlier this week Camelot said hundreds of people had come forward to claim the winning ticket.


Camelot delighted £33m lottery winner 'won't miss out'

"We’re delighted that the winner of this amazing prize has now come forward and we hope that they will enjoy their win," a spokesperson for Camelot says.

"It would have been awful if the ticket-holder had missed out on this substantial and life-changing amount of money. We would like to remind all National Lottery players to check their tickets every time they play.”  

BreakingBREAKING NEWS: £33m lottery winner found

Camelot says it has received a valid claim on the £33m Lotto jackpot winning ticket bought in Worcester.

The winning ticket-holder wants to remain anonymous, the lottery operator says.

Your pictures: Trees silhouetted against the sky

Jerry Chester

BBC News Online

This gorgeous picture, taken in Chaddesley Corbett, comes from Jo Till.

I'd love to feature your pictures of Herefordshire and Worcestershire - you can email, tweet us on @bbchw or message via Facebook.

Jo Till

Midlands Air Ambulance celebrates 25 years

The Midlands Air Ambulance is celebrating its 25th year and today they've been setting out their plans to mark the anniversary.

They involve a number of commemorative events, including a prestigious garden party at Hagley Hall.

Your pictures: Edgar Street seen from the floodlight tower

Jerry Chester

BBC News Online

This brilliant view of the home of Hereford FC is one you're never likely to see, so many thanks to Dan pace for sharing it with us.

Keep sending me your photos - you can email, tweet us on @bbchw or message via Facebook.

Dan Pace

Rugby Union: Hammond pens a new deal with the Warriors

Worcester Warriors' winger Dean Hammond has agreed a contract extension with the Sixways club.

Worcester Warriors

The 23-year-old joined the Warriors in 2013 and scored seven tries in 11 appearances in the 2014-15 season, as the Sixways club won the British and Irish Cup and promotion back to the Aviva Premiership.

Director of Rugby Dean Ryan said: "Dean is a young player who has developed immensely during his three seasons at the club." 

Latest: Man dies from human form of 'mad cow disease' and police defend low burglary arrest figures

Louise Hancock

Newsreader, BBC Hereford & Worcester

Here are some of the main stories we are looking at in Herefordshire and Worcestershire:

- Coroner hears how a man died from the human form of "mad cow disease"

- Local hospitals paid out more than £30m in compensation over the past three years

- Police defend low burglary arrest figures

Public consultation proposal over affordable housing plan

A proposal for a public consultation over the building of affordable housing in south Worcestershire is to go before councillors.


The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) involves Malvern Hills, Worcester City and Wychavon district councils.

The SWDP proposes most new housing developments should include a proportion of affordable housing, such as shared ownership or rented accommodation normally managed by housing associations.

If the consultation gets the backing of all three councils, the consultation will start on 4 March and run for six weeks.

Video: End of the line for the Land Rover Defender

BBC Midlands Today

The last of Jaguar Land Rover's classic Defenders will roll off the production line tomorrow, ending 68 years of production.

The company's Land Rover Experience, offering people the chance to drive one of the vehicles on an off-road course, is based at Eastnor in Herefordshire.

Travel: Hereford road improvement to start in February

"Extensive improvement works" on the Holme Lacy Road in Hereford will start next month, the council says.


The work includes:

- Traffic calming by narrowing the existing carriageway

- Three toucan crossings located outside the Co-operative store, the Post Office and near Oak Crescent 

- Widening of the existing footpaths to provide off-road cycling facilities

The scheme will make walking and cycling much safer for everyone living in the area and travelling to school and work on a daily basis

Councillor Paul Rone Herefordshire Council

Video: One family's fight for compensation after medical mistake

Carson Wishart

Journalist, BBC Hereford and Worcester

More than £30m has been paid out in compensation claims by Herefordshire and Worcestershire's hospitals over the past three years.

Michael and Elena Kalisperas told me their story - they fought for and received   compensation when their son, Vasili, was left with cerebral palsy after a student midwife failed to spot the early signs of jaundice a day after he was born at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital in 2012.

In statements, both the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and the Wye Valley NHS Trust say they're "learning from the clinical mistakes they've made in the past".

Latest: More than £30m compensation paid out by hospitals and new fire service trauma kit cuts fatalities

Louise Hancock

Newsreader, BBC Hereford & Worcester

Here are some of the main stories we are looking at in Herefordshire and Worcestershire:

- Local hospitals paid out more than £30m in compensation over the past three years

- The fire service say the number of deaths caused by car crashes is dropping after a new trauma bag was issued to crews

- Police defend low burglary arrest figures

Only one arrest for every 10 burglaries reported

West Mercia Police are only making an average of one arrest for every 10 burglaries reported to them, according to new figures up to April last year.


Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal more than 7,000 burglaries were reported in the 12 months up to April last year - the resulting investigations produced 769 arrests.

However, Det Ch Insp Paul Judge says one arrest can solve a large number of break-ins.

One very good piece of news we've had recently [was that] we charged four offenders with over 80 burglaries across West Mercia and the wider region, so we only had to arrest four people to solves 80 crimes, which is an example of how statistics can skew what is otherwise a good news story.

Det Ch Insp Paul Judge West Mercia Police

New fire service trauma kit 'saving lives'

A kit designed to help firefighters in Herefordshire and Worcestershire treat people involved in car crashes is saving lives, the fire service says, and could soon be rolled out to other brigades across the country.


The Go Bag is being put in all of the service's main appliances, with the brigade saying they are now dealing with more car crashes than ever.

The kit contains medical supplies including tourniquets, pressure dressings and equipment to help casualties who are struggling to breath.

What we have been finding is that out crews are turning out to accidents and have been confronted with casualties with life-threatening injuries and they haven't, until now, had the kit to deal with them - now we've introduced this trauma kit the number of fatalities have dropped

Tom Morgan Watch commander at the Droitwich Fire Training Centre