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smog filled Battersea Bridge and Power Station

BBC News website readers have been sending us their pictures of events making headlines this week.

Smog-like conditions have been affecting parts of the UK, with people with health and respiratory problems being urged to take extra care when exercising. The pollution - a mix of local emissions and dust from the Sahara caused some hazy scenes as seen in this picture of London's Battersea Bridge and Power Station taken by Krissy Mackintosh.

Dirty car window

No haze for Pete Mattison in West Sussex, England, just a car covered in Sahara sand.

Solomon Island floods

Adverse weather conditions caused flooding in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. There flash floods killed at least 16 people and left more than 10,000 homeless in the Islands' capital of Honiara. Photo: Patrick Pikacha.

Train sand sculpture being built at Paddington to celebrate the reopening of the rail network in Dawlish

The main railway line through Dawlish in Devon, England has reopened after part of the track was destroyed during winter storms. Grant Scott Lee saw this sand sculpture being created at London's Paddington Station as part of the reopening celebrations.

Construction site fire, Southampton. Photo: Robert Henshaw

Elsewhere in England a fire at a university halls of residence construction site could be seen around Southampton on Thursday. Robert Henshaw took this picture from his office block in the city.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, England opened to the public on Saturday for the first time since the London 2012 Games. London's newest park features interactive water fountains and an adventure playground. This picture was taken by Asif Mahmood who enjoyed visiting the park with his pregnant wife because of its open space and abundance of benches.

Olympic Park, London

Sankha Biswas and his daughter also spent Saturday enjoying the attractions at the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Sheffield Half Marathon

And finally, a half marathon in Sheffield, England was cancelled because of insufficient water supplies for runners on the route, organisers say. Spectators, including Emily Wheeler who took this photo, lined the route to cheer runners on and to also hand out water to those who decided to carry on despite the event being cancelled.

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