In pictures: Ukraine truce collapses

Dozens have reportedly been killed in clashes with security forces in Ukraine, after a fragile truce called by President Viktor Yanukovych collapsed.

Some readers may find the images of Thursday's violence distressing.

Anti-government protesters shelter behind shields in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Fresh clashes erupted in Ukraine on Thursday between hundreds of anti-government demonstrators and security forces in Independence Square, the main protest site in the capital, Kiev.
Anti-government protesters rebuild barricades in Kiev (20 February 2014)
After pushing back police in the square, demonstrators began to rebuild barricades, which security forces had tried to clear on Tuesday in an "anti-terror operation".
Anti-government protesters prepare Molotov cocktails in Kiev (20 February 2014)
And some protesters in Independence Square prepared petrol bombs. The opposition was blamed for starting the renewed violence with a statement on the presidential website saying the "calls for a truce and dialogue were nothing but a way of playing for time to mobilise and arm militants".
Anti-government protester shows empty cartridge in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Demonstrators collected empty cartridges to show that police used live ammunition to shoot at crowds. Witnesses said some people died as a result of single gunshot wounds, typical of sniper fire.
Medics and anti-government protesters carry an injured man in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Hundreds of people have been injured in the clashes. Here, protesters are seen helping volunteer medics carry a wounded man from Independence Square.
Makeshift hospital in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Medical volunteers turned the lobby of Kiev's Ukraine hotel into a triage centre for the wounded. The hotel is also serving as the base for all foreign media in Kiev. Correspondents reported that gunshots had pierced their room windows.
Blood-soaked helmet of an anti-government protester on a sheet in a hotel lobby in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Protesters - some of them armed - asked hotel guests for blankets to use as bandages.
Smoke billows as protesters stand behind barricades in Kiev (20 February 2014)
The new violence came as foreign ministers from France, Germany and Poland were meeting President Yanukovych on Thursday. The talks had to be moved from their original location for security reasons.
Riot police guard the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Riot police were deployed to guard the Ukrainian parliament. Authorities said more than 20 officers had been injured in clashes with protesters.
Anti-government protesters pass bricks in Kiev (20 February 2014)
Protesters pass bricks to each other to build more barricades at Independence Square. On Thursday, EU foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials "responsible for violence and excessive force". The sanctions include asset freezes and visa bans.
Anti-government protesters in Kiev (20 February 2014)
The protests first erupted in November when President Yanukovych rejected an association and trade deal with the EU in favour of closer ties with Russia. Since then, the protests have spread across Ukraine, with demonstrators' main demand being snap presidential and parliamentary elections.