Back to Brighton

For the past few years I have been spending a day discussing photography with students at City College Brighton and Hove and this year was no exception.

The students are studying for a number of BTEC qualifications and range in experience, from those just starting out, perhaps with a view to discovering if a photographic career is for them, to those who are about to move on to higher level study having already made up their mind.

Their work is currently on show and open to the public at the college but I thought it would be good to show off some of the photographs, so I've picked a few of those that caught my eye during my time with the students.

Image copyright Alvita Daukantaite
Image caption Alvita Daukantaite: "This picture was taken for our summer project entitled, fresh and wild."
Image copyright Katarina Bohusova
Image caption Katarina Bohusova: "We had a project for a bad weather so I went out for a small walk where I took this image. The green shoes stood out against the grey floor."

Image copyright Claire Jarvis
Image caption Claire Jarvis: "This image is taken from my final major project in which I explored the technique of projections onto the body within the studio. I aimed to explore gender and its associations, making a play on the words man made and mother nature."
Image copyright Harry Short
Image caption Harry Short: "With this shot you have no conclusion as to whether the skater lands or whether he falls, your opinion as to what happens next may show if you are a pessimist or an optimist."
Image copyright Marieke Macklon
Image caption Marieke Macklon: "I took this photo at a pug meeting in Preston Park, Brighton, where every second Saturday of the month the meeting is held. I adore pugs and everyone that I know knows that I'm crazy about them."
Image copyright Frankie Turner
Image caption Frankie Turner: "Portraiture can be explored in many different ways and for this project we were set the theme of stereotypes. My image is one of three from a set I created in the studio exploring how the way we live and the society we are in forms us in to stereotypes, even if we try and avoid it."

Here's a further selection of some of the best of the student work.

Image copyright Adam Rea
Image caption Adam Rea: "This was my first project of the year and I was on the seafront, near the Odeon cinema in Brighton, when all of the sudden there were birds coming right at me."
Image copyright Felix Cockell
Image caption Felix Cockell: "This is part of a series of seascapes produced for my final major project. The tide was coming in and the sky was getting dark so I quickly set up my tripod, composed the scene and used a long exposure of five minutes to capture the movement of the dark rain clouds that were rushing over the landscape."
Image copyright Amy Lawlor
Image caption Amy Lawlor: "When I visited my family in Ireland I walked up Brandon Hill, the highest point in County Kilkenny. Looking round I saw this scene and quickly took the shot; seeing these horses free in this beautiful and open location made me feel very happy and optimistic."
Image copyright Amy Woodward
Image caption Amy Woodward: "I took this as I love having vintage styled objects in my images, but bikes are my most favourite thing as I don't know how to ride one so I love to photograph them instead."
Image copyright Elizabeth Dent
Image caption Elizabeth Dent: "This photograph was taken for a still life project for which I chose objects to represent my love for travel and photography. The image was taken in our photographic studios, using two soft boxes on flash heads."
Image copyright Charlotte Martin
Image caption Charlotte Martin: "This image was taken on Worthing beach with a long exposure time. I learnt this technique during our mini projects."
Image copyright Emma Buttery
Image caption Emma Buttery: "I took this photo for a project on studio portraiture and I wanted to do something different so I decided to use the projector to create patterns on my model's face. I really love the effect that was created."
Image copyright Ruari Field
Image caption Ruari Field: "This picture was taken in an abandoned asylum."
Image copyright Natalie Kerr
Image caption Natalie Kerr: "My still life project based upon John Lennon's life and death. Each of the objects represent a meaning of how his life was taken so suddenly but he has lived on through our memories and is still an iconic figure."
Image copyright Momo Werner
Image caption Momo Werner: "This was my first time using a medium format camera and I thought the film wound itself automatically and I didn't realise until I had taken about 15 shots. I wasn't expecting any result but I was mistaken and I really like it!"
Image copyright Matthew Nolan
Image caption Matthew Nolan: "For a still life project we had to photograph an object that had personal meaning, so I chose the elastic band ball that I have been making over the past two years. The ball was lit by one flash from the right and another behind the product bed, which did not fire, creating the orange glow."
Image copyright Gemma Price
Image caption Gemma Price: "I took this photo as I was shooting some test shots for college and the weather was hot and sunny, and this reminds me of the weather because of the bright orange."
Image copyright George terry
Image caption George Terry: "I took this picture of my little brother for my colour project. The primary colours in this image represent the beginning of something, because this is what all colours are made of, just as all people are made and grow from the same things."
Image copyright Tegan Bambrick
Image caption Tegan Bambrick: "I took this as part of our studio portraiture project and I was trying to determine what was 'true'. When we are being photographed, we put on a 'mask' - a 'camera face', so I contradicted this by photographing in black and white as this is typically seen as documentary photography - 'true photography', yet this is not the real Liam."
Image copyright Markus Hoare
Image caption Markus Hoare: "I tracked the swan as it moved away from its nest and as it started to beat its wings I managed to capture the image just as it had its wings outstretched. The swans are fiercely territorial and regularly display their wings as a warning to other birds that they shouldn’t come near."
Image copyright Jean Frizelle
Image caption Jean Frizelle: "After living in Portslade we finally visited the eastern side of the coastal road from Brighton. This was the view of from Telscombe cliffs near Saltdean."