24 hours, 24 photographers, 24 years

(left - right) 13:00 Family Portrait by Enrico Vietti, 10:00 Untitled by Pierre Mansiet, 12:00 Empty movement by Julien Buckley

On New Year's Day in 2004 a group of artists from Central Saint Martins College in London divided up the hours of the day and took one picture each - the resulting images being their collective experience of that time.

Yet the project did not end there. The aim is for these 24 postgraduate students to repeat the process each year for 24 years, steadily moving through the hours of the day, so that by the end each will have shot a photograph from each hour in the day.

Inevitably there have been changes to the original group. Some have fallen away and others come back to the project after a break. The latest collection of photos is now on show in Berkeley Square, Mayfair until 19 March. To ensure some sort of cohesion to the show, there is always a guiding theme, this time it is "empty".

"The exhibition is going from strength to strength and now in our ninth year we've really developed an identity," says Claire Spreadbury, the founder of 24photography.

"New Year's Day is an exciting time of the year, and we hope that 24 captures some of that excitement, but also gives a little glimpse into the rest of the day after the celebrations and parties."

Here's a selection of photos on show this year, some accompanied by comments from the artists.

01:00 Guy Bell

Estate by Guy Bell

02:00 Alys Tomlinson

A dolls house by Alys Tomlinson

06:00 Sarah Lucy Brown

Hope Springs Eternal by Sarah Lucy Brown Sarah Lucy Brown: "My photographs from 24 have become a record of where I have been emotionally and geographically over the years. This year is particularly poignant due to the loss of one of my best friends who actually featured in my Midnight photograph in 2006. When things like that happen, the project becomes even more special as points in your life are suddenly suspended in time."

07:00 Nicky Willcock

22 years on, enough now by 07:00 by Nicky Willcock Nicky Willcock: "All my 24 pieces form a potent narrative to my life which has included loss of a parent, loss of a marriage, travel, love lost and found, success and struggle, and an ongoing attempt to control the uncontrollable - time. It is my hope that my complete 24 piece will be a universal yet personal notation of my existence, however insignificant."

11:00 Allan Pollok-Morris

War and peace by Allan Pollok-Morris

14:00 Angela Zair

Feeling empty by Angela Zair

18:00 Claire Spreadbury

Carousel by Claire Spreadbury

19:00 Ildiko Buckley

Sunday 7pm by Ildiko Buckley

21:00 Otis Edwin

Sainsbury's frozen dessert by Otis Edwin

You can see more of this year's pictures and follow the project on their website.

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