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  • 17 April 2015
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Social media platforms

Social media networks are now a critical part of our operations at BBC News across our local, national and international newsrooms.

This page lists our main activity. It is not exhaustive, but covers our biggest and most active accounts and pages.

Everything we do on social media is covered by our social media guidance.

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On Facebook our flagship pages are those for BBC News and the BBC World News TV channel.

Also active on Facebook are programmes including BBC Breakfast, Today Programme, Radio 5 Live and Newsnight.

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Our "core" accounts on Twitter are @BBCBreaking, delivering breaking news alerts and developments on major stories, @BBCWorld, for stories, features and updates on stories of interest to a worldwide audience, and @BBCNews, aimed at UK audiences.

All these accounts are maintained by our journalists nearly 24/7, with an automated headline feed on occasions.

Two supporting accounts cover North America and Asia, run by our news bureaux teams based in Washington DC and Singapore respectively.

There is also a presence run by our Australia team, and a Japanese language account managed in Tokyo.

Within the UK, we have accounts for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all run by teams based in those nations.

Fans of visual storytelling will want to follow our Visual Journalism team's Twitter account.

Apart from news updates and links to our best radio, TV and digital content, all these accounts offer insight and analysis from our expert correspondents, many of whom are themselves active on Twitter in an official capacity.

Our biggest subject-area Twitter accounts include business, entertainment, technology - and weather.

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BBC programmes on social media

Programmes active on Twitter include Question Time, Newsnight, Panorama, Today, Breakfast, World Tonight, Click, Daily and Sunday Politics and HARDTalk.

Our friends at BBC Sport are also well worth following on Facebook and Twitter.

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The BBC on more social media platforms

There is an active and growing BBC News presence on YouTube, where Newsnight and World Service languages including Arabic, Russian and Mundo (Spanish) also have a presence.

We have a popular BBC News page on Google+, and several allied areas also have a presence on the platform, including BBC World Service and BBC Sport.

Our experimental BBC News Shorts video has a home on our Instagram account, while over on Audioboo we post the best BBC News radio clips. We are experimenting on Reddit with a BBC World subreddit of our top stories and a Reddit TV channel featuring top BBC News video.

Our team based in Washington DC run a Reporter's Notebook Tumblr

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Moderating content

Where public comments are enabled on our platforms - on Facebook pages for example - our approach to moderation is guided by the BBC website's House Rules.

But sites' own terms of use will apply and any comments thought to be in breach should be reported through on-site channels.