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31 July 2014 Last updated at 12:33

'Tape measure test' call on diabetesThe fat man

People are being urged to take out the tape measure to assess their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Norman BakerMinister wants UK animal tests ban

Norman Baker - the minister in charge of regulating animal experiments - tells the BBC he wants a total ban on them.

Health workers carry the body of an Ebola virus victim in Kenema, Sierra Leone, 25 June 2014S Leone declares Ebola emergency

Sierra Leone's president declares a public health emergency to curb the deadly Ebola outbreak and order epicentres of the disease to be quarantined.

Our Experts

Hugh Pym Article written by Hugh Pym Hugh Pym Health editor

The very public NHS privatisation debate

One of the major talking points in the health service is whether or not privatisation is actually on the agenda.

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Fergus Walsh Article written by Fergus Walsh Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent

Analysis: Assisted dying debate

Reflections on one of the most significant issues facing society

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Nick Triggle Article written by Nick Triggle Nick Triggle Health correspondent

The secret to transforming a failing hospital

Turning around a failing hospital is the equivalent of the holy grail for the NHS. Basildon Hospital has done it. So what is the secret of their success?

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Scrubbing Up

  • Nurse with patientNo savings

    The risks of a plan to admit fewer patients

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    The historical and cultural development of anxiety as a condition and its treatment

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