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28 December 2014 Last updated at 17:32

Police should target drunks - A&E bossYoung woman lies on the pavement in Brighton, having drunk too much

Police should crack down on binge drinking to stop hospital staff becoming distracted by disorderly drunks, a leading doctor says.

Baby having the DTP jab, which protects against whooping coughWhooping cough 'evolving fast'

Whooping cough may be evolving to outsmart the currently used vaccine, say researchers.

unhealthy habitsLife choices 'behind many cancers'

More than four in 10 cancers - 600,000 in the UK alone - could be prevented if people led healthier lives, say experts.

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Hugh Pym Article written by Hugh Pym Hugh Pym Health editor

Christmas closures - plan ahead

On the twelfth day of Christmas...could we be hitting the phones trying to get a GP appointment or turning up at our local surgeries?

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Fergus Walsh Article written by Fergus Walsh Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent

Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer' by 2050

Drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050 unless action is taken, a study says.

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Nick Triggle Article written by Nick Triggle Nick Triggle Health correspondent

Why are hospitals under so much pressure?

The NHS across the UK is already struggling to meet its A&E targets, and winter - the busiest time of year - has only just begun. Nick Triggle looks at why hospitals are under the cosh.

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