Health Check: Artificial limb transforms lives


The Jaipur foot was created in the late 1960s - and since the Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sewa Samiti centre opened in 1975, they've transformed hundreds of thousands of lives. Patients from all over India come to be fitted with the free prosthetic.

The centre's founder, Mr. D.R. Mehta, says they hope to restore dignity and independence to the people who have lost their limbs.

The Jaipur Limb is durable and cheap to produce. Todar Mal lost both of his legs when he tried to commit suicide. He now works in the factory, giving him a regular income.

Gyan Singh Bijour lost his leg recently when he slipped from a moving train. He travelled to the clinic from a village 200 miles away in Gawalior. His measurements have been taken and so he should soon be fitted with the prosthetic limb.

Mr D.R. Mehta says the technology is now transforming lives around the world - in conflict zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jaipur Foot

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