"I didn't tell my daughter she was dying of brain cancer"


A mother has talked of how she decided not to tell her 11-year-old daughter she was dying of brain cancer.

Ellie Othick-Bowmaker developed a brain tumour in 2007. When she went to the hospital a consultant told her parents that patients with this type of cancer usually survive 6-12 months.

Her parents and her step-parents decided not to tell Ellie that the cancer was terminal.

When she was twelve Ellie asked, "am I going to die mummy?" Her mother, Heather Othick, told BBC Radio 5 live's Stephen Nolan: "I said to her some people die of cancer and there are other people who are surviving cancer".

Heather told Stephen Nolan: "I wanted to show Ellie the world, there were so many hopes that I had for her".

Ellie Othick died in 2010 age 14 of terminal cancer. She spent three years raising money for research into the disease and a fund was set up to continue this work.

More: Listen to the whole interview with Heather Othick on BBC Radio 5 live Stephen Nolan 21st August 2010 at 2300

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