"My daughter stopped eating after NHS said she was overweight"


The mother of an 11-year-old who read a letter from the NHS about her weight, says her daughter stopped eating because she thought she was fat.

Katie Owen opened a letter from NHS Barking and Dagenham which contained the results from the National Child Measurement Scheme and stated she was overweight.

The letter was addressed to the parent or guardian of Katie Owen but her mother Joanne says Katie saw her name and thought it was for her.

Joanne Owen told BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast that her daughter hid the letter and stopped eating for three days. She said: "Everybody is trying to convince her that she isn't fat."

The National Child Measurement Scheme is a Department of Health initiative which measures children's Body Mass Index. The letter came with a graph showing Katie was only slightly overweight.

NHS Barking and Dagenham public health consultant Dr Justin Varney said: "No person should go on a crash diet...the letter is quite clearly addressed to the parent or the carer."

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