BBC Three to be axed as on-air channel

The cast of Gavin and Stacey Gavin and Stacey has been among the digital channel's biggest successes

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BBC Three is to be dropped from TV schedules and will move online, as part of the BBC's cost-cutting plans.

It means shows such as Don't Tell The Bride and Pramface will only be available through the iPlayer, rather than Freeview, satellite or cable.

The BBC will make an official announcement on Thursday, media correspondent David Sillito said.

Celebrities are already rallying behind the service. Matt Lucas said the move would be "really bad for new comedy".

The BBC's decision follows a speech given by director general Tony Hall last week, in which he said "tough choices" would have to be made if the corporation was to meet its savings target.

"We are in the final stages of a budget process to find an extra £100m of savings," he said at the Oxford Media Convention. "I will announce the outcome of those decisions in the next month."

Don't Tell The Bride Reality show Don't Tell The Bride sees a groom choose every detail of his wedding, from the venue to the wedding dress, without consulting his wife-to-be

It is something of a turnaround for Lord Hall, who said in October: "I wouldn't consider closing a channel".

Start Quote

You're handing places like Sky a massive opportunity”

End Quote Chris Chibnall Writer, Doctor Who

"The public feel very strongly about all the services the BBC runs," he told the World At One. "We have to find other ways [of saving money]".

Before moving BBC Three online, however, the director general must get approval from the BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body, which represents the interests of licence fee payers.

'Sizeable step'

The futures of both BBC Three and BBC Four have been much discussed as the corporation continues to implement its savings plans.

According to industry newspaper Broadcast, moving BBC Three online "would amount to a sizeable step" towards delivering Lord Hall's £100m savings target by 2016.

The channel's service budget was £85m in 2013/14 - although moving the channel online would not eradicate those costs entirely.

BBC TV channel budgets 2013/14

  • BBC One: £1,051m
  • BBC Two: £415m
  • BBC Three: £85m
  • BBC Four: £49m
  • CBBC: £79m
  • CBeebies: £29m
  • BBC News Channel: £53m
  • BBC Parliament: £2m

"If they want to save money, there will certainly be less programming coming from the BBC Three brand," our media correspondent said.

However, he added, the move to iPlayer would make sense for the station's target audience of 16-34 year-olds.

"Increasingly, it's thought the youth audience are switching to accessing content online. They're watching in their bedrooms and watching on tablet devices."

The move follows the BBC's decision to broadcast select TV shows online ahead of their scheduled TV transmission, among them the latest sitcom from comedian Peter Kay.

Youth channel Radio 1 will also launch as an in-vision channel on iPlayer this September.

'Vital service'

Since its launch in 2003, BBC Three has been the birthplace of numerous ratings successes, including Little Britain, Torchwood, Being Human and Gavin and Stacey.

Matt Lucas in Little Britain Little Britain transferred to BBC One after finding success on BBC Three

These were among the shows singled out by Little Britain star Lucas in a tweet proclaiming the channel to be "the home of new comedy and drama".

His sentiments were echoed by comedian Jack Whitehall: "I really hope reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours. Their support of new comedy in particular is vital."

Comedian Russell Kane, who presents stand-up show Live At The Electric on BBC Three, said the channel "provides a vital part of the entertainment portfolio of the BBC".

"It's not necessarily a youth channel, but it is younger-skewed. I don't see why it should be cut because people who are younger have quieter voices in the political process."

BBC Three's own Twitter feed also joined the protest, posting on Tuesday night: Who knew people love BBC Three more than pancakes?! Feeling loved. #SaveBBC3".

The BBC has previously reversed decisions to close its 6 Music and Asian Network radio services after concerted campaigning by supporters.

However, it has closed several foreign language sections of the BBC World Service, with the loss of more than 650 jobs since 2011.


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    Comment number 1238.

    If the BBC want to save money, start at the top - sack the incompetent Patten and his merry band of idiots.

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    Comment number 1237.

    The bbc is stuck in the past, look at sky, netflicks, even tesco has an online pay streaming channel.

    And the director general is stuck in a time warp, if they think the bbc can still be funded totally from the licence fee.

    You need to start thinking about the online world perhaps the bbc should have half pay/ half licence fee channel for sports, with the extra you have to pay for.

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    Comment number 1236.

    BBC3 and BBC2 are the only channels I watch

    BBC3 is a channel watched by the young to middle-aged people who earn the money to play for the licenses. Whoever made this decision should be fired.

    I would rather they got rid of BBC1

  • rate this

    Comment number 1235.

    Axe or radically reduce the output of BBC News as the internet newsfeed is now faster. Axe BBC Parliament.

    Merge BBC3 and 4 and remove all the repeats.
    Merge CBBC and Cbeebies

    Cut managerial salaries and pensions.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1234.

    BBC3 isnt going,its moving platforms.16-34 yr olds watch online,linear channels are not the way TV is going look at Netflix,Its where TV will end up.BBC3 moving to an online base is a win-win,its where their target audience is and where savings can be made.The BBC needs a wake up call BUT the UK is VERY lucky compared to other countries.Dont wish away one of the best broadcasters in the world

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    Comment number 1233.

    I am not happy with hearing that BBC Three will be getting axed on Freeview. That is one of my most watched programmes on TV, alongside BBC1, as the quality is better then most TV channels most of the time. If the BBC has to make cuts, why axe not axe poor quality daytime programming like Bargain Hunt. And why not bring back the test card for the night, as that could save bandwidth?

  • rate this

    Comment number 1232.

    I hate this I hope it's not true to be honest bbc4 does have some history rubbish and watching it online could increase more charges for families broadband wise for over streaming a young audience can grow to be a strong audience KEEP BBC3

  • rate this

    Comment number 1231.

    Some of BBC Three's content is just appalling, but it's a mere snip when you consider the dross on BBC One. How many decent shows, channels even, will be thrown on the pyre for Simply... and Mrs Brown's Boys?

    This all started years ago when huge cuts were made to the documentary department - it's been downhill since then as the Beeb try to play the ratings game rather than stick to their roots.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1230.

    With well over 1200 comments BBC Management and Trust should think again and think the impossible. Consider going to the CHANNEL4 and suggest combining BBC3 with E4 and BBC4 with MORE 4 run them similar to S4C where no ads are shown during BBC produced programmes and at the same time cut the License fee.

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    Comment number 1229.

    BBC 3 isn't the greatest channel available but if the BBC wanted to cut costs they should look at things like the amount of people they ship off to sports events such as the Winter Olympics, they could also save a few quid by not paying rich Lords apology money when they never even named said Lord in the first place. The Beeb is the best TV corp in the world ( especially at flushing cash )

  • rate this

    Comment number 1228.

    Some of the best recent comedies have come from BBC3, look at Gavin and Stacey etc, why cancel it, the BBC wastes money on poor shows (look at house of fools) but are prepared to cut shows which are actually funny. Wouldn't the BBC be better cutting elsewhere such as songs of praise, we are no longer a christian dominant country and i can imagine that the ratings are very low. Don't cut BBC3

  • rate this

    Comment number 1227.

    BBC3 is a really great modern channel with great programmes which has fresh ideas and great comedy shows, it's a breath of fresh air. It's a change from watching all the other dinosaur channels that seem to be making repetitive celebrity and reality shows. The BBC is making a big mistake by axing its future! You need to get in touch with your license fee payers, and make savings in other ways.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1226.

    Watching live TV is going the way of the dodo. On demand is the future. The problem that the BBC management faces is how are they going to generate the money to keep themselves, former sporting personalities and pop stars on their fat cat salaries. How long before they try and force a computer/smartphone tax on us?

  • rate this

    Comment number 1225.

    Good, at last a legal way to claim a license refund. BBC broadcasting on media that some are unable to receive, yet still getting full fee from license payers, like paying road tax & unable to drive on 'A' roads. See you soon mr omnbudsman :)

  • rate this

    Comment number 1224.

    Why not save some money by getting rid of the bloody awful Shane Ritchie on that new game show ("Reflex") on Saturday night? He really is appallingly bad!

    BBC3 was always good as a showcase of new and interesting shows, including the excellent "Torchwood".

  • rate this

    Comment number 1223.

    Serving up BBC3 via online is probably the right thing for the target audience who have already embraced PCs , iPads etc. Maybe there's scope for going on Netflix or AppleTV as well. But this is really only going to cut transmission costs - production and marketing still costs money, so does this really save much?

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    Comment number 1222.

    I never saw the point of BBC3. As far as I am concerned it is not loss. The bandwidth will hopefully be used for something more interesting.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1221.

    Any station showcasing the likes of Little Britain and Jack Whitehall doesn't just deserve the axe, it deserves to be wrapped up in cellophane, then concreted and sent unceremoniously to the furthest known orbiting planet.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1220.

    you only have to stumble across a location shoot for the bbc drama etc in London to see where the money goes, loads of flunkies and hangers on, and check the credit lists on simple chat shows and news etc, how many types of producer are there? no other national service has this amount of cash sloshing around, maybe a 5% cut on the licence in 2015, we are all in it together

  • rate this

    Comment number 1219.

    It has been neglected for some time to soften the blow


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