Great British Bake Off final watched by 9.1 million


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The Great British Bake Off is BBC Two's most-watched programme in a decade, after an average 8.4 million viewers saw Frances Quinn win series four.

Clothes designer Quinn, 31, said she was "in complete and utter shock" after beating psychologist Kimberley Wilson and former model Ruby Tandoh.

She impressed judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with her wedding cake, inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream.

At its peak, some 9.1 million people tuned in to Tuesday night's finale.

The episode - which also saw the amateur bakers making pretzels and picnic pie - secured double the audience tuning into the Uefa Champions League football match which was broadcast on ITV at the same time.

The hit show, which moves to BBC One next series, beat the record held by a 2007 episode of Top Gear, by more than 400,000 viewers.

Start Quote

She not only gave us the style, she gave us the substance too and that cake - each layer - superb. ”

End Quote Paul Hollywood Judge

Bake Off presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins had billed Quinn, who lives in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, as "the most creative baker to ever set foot in the tent".

She said she was looking forward to celebrating with family and friends, after having to keep her win under wraps since recording the final episode during the summer.

"I've been back at work and trying to keep a poker face," said Quinn.

"I remember watching the Wimbledon final the following week and getting so emotional... and thinking at least Andy Murray doesn't have to hide his trophy under his bed for the next three months."

Quinn said she was shocked to hear her name: "I don't think I could speak for a little while. It was so close, such a close final," she said.

However she insisted there was no antagonism between the all-female finalists.

"We all get on. People want to feel there was more competition than was the case," she said.

Paul Hollywood, Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc and Mary Berry The judges and hosts all wear special heated belts to keep them warm while filming in the famous marquee

"The emotions you go through in that tent - you never want to see anyone get that criticism. Outside the tent we're just supportive of each other."

Hollywood called Quinn "a deserving winner", who beat the others "hands down" in the showstopper round.

"She not only gave us the style, she gave us the substance too and that cake actually, each layer, superb," he said.

Fellow judge Berry added: "She has attention to detail, she's got excellent flavours, her baking improved as each week went by. We're very proud of her."

Quinn said she was not thinking of leaving her design job, although she has already been approached by agents and hopes to produce a book.

"Work has been so, so supportive. I'm not going to say yay or nay to anything at the moment, I've got a mortgage to pay," she said.

"The baking market is completely saturated so I don't want to do a book that's anything like one that's already out there. I'd like to create a book that's got all my rough sketches and ideas."

"I don't know what the future is going to hold but it does excite me. What I'd love to do is combine both passions, baking and design."

'Vitriol and misogyny'

Meanwhile runner-up Tandoh, 21, has hit back at the "nastiness" the show and its contestants were subjected to, in a piece written for The Guardian.

"Despite the saccharin sweetness of the Bake Off, an extraordinary amount of bitterness and bile has spewed forth every week from angry commentators, both on social media and in the press," she wrote.

Ruby Tandoh The show's youngest contestant Ruby Tandoh, 21, was often criticised for "teenage" behaviour

"Many took to Twitter decrying the demise of the show, voicing their hatred for certain bakers, and asserting (week after week!) that they would 'never watch it again' if X or Y got through that episode."

The amateur baker - who recently received a first class honours degree in philosophy - said the criticism ranged from "gently cynical" to "downright obnoxious", and as the series went on she noticed "an increasing amount of personal vitriol and misogyny".

Tandoh, who chef Raymond Blanc suggested was too thin to enjoy food, said she was "tired" of defending herself against the "boring, inevitable accusations of flirting with Paul Hollywood, of emotionally manipulating the judges and of somehow surfing into the final on a tidal wave of tears".

She added: "So much of the criticism levelled at the bakers is gender-specific. My self-doubt has been simultaneously labelled pathetic, fake, attention-seeking and manipulative."


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    Comment number 202.

    My wife can't wait for the first episode of strictly celebrity come baking.

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    Comment number 201.

    Ruby isn't a graduate. She was doing her first year exams. Still an achievement though - getting all that practise in.

    Frances' wedding cake was stunning! Great effort for 6 hours work!

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    Comment number 200.

    It's hilarious all the people coming on criticising the final and saying what should or shouldn't happen next time. Just relax and enjoy the show and marvel at the creativity and drama, such as it really is. Don't take it all too seriously - it's just some nice people baking stuff in a tent. I usually really only watch quality drama like Game of Thrones or The Wire but The GBBO is a lovely.

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    Comment number 199.

    Strange that this article shows a picture of Ruby but not of the winner...

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    Comment number 198.

    Let's hope they don't wreck it when it moves to BBC1, though why they have to move it beats me...

  • rate this

    Comment number 197.

    I saw the show on beforehand, about the 2012 group and one thing stuck me - in how similar Kathryn's attitude to the baking was compared to Ruby's. Almost like those episodes of the Apprentice where you can see how the contestants swot up on previous candidate's winning styles.

    But, apart from Ruby's boring melancholy every blinking time, it was great. Good luck to them all.

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    Comment number 196.

    Having said what I said @192 I would have preferred to have more serious topics openly available in HYS, such as the impending disaster of the privatisation of the probation service! This was well hidden in England news. I wonder why.

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    Comment number 195.

    24.CURTAINS 2012
    We've had kitchen-based competion, stage and dance-floor based competions. How about a workshop-based competition to encourage the amateur engineers?
    Do you mean Scrapheap Challenge, which has run for years on Channel 4?

  • rate this

    Comment number 194.

    It's nice to see some positive comments on here....Why is it that something as inoffensive & scarcely expensive to make brings out so much poison & negativity? Are we really such a churlish, nasty people that we have to post - either on HYS or social media - such unpleasantness? Life is short enough without this sort of thing.

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    Comment number 193.

    BBC ONE move? Oh, dear, no.

    It will Z-LIST CELEBRITY GBBO next. Or the series moved around the schedule, and then ditched to BBC ONE daytime.

    A bad move.

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    Comment number 192.

    Ruby is lucky not to have won. The gutter press would have destroyed her life. The way they trolled the series with unkind comments and insinuations about her was appalling. What scum!

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    Comment number 191.

    Much of the profit will go back into BBC coffers to help produce other programmes
    or go towards the £100m wasted on aborted technology or towards the paid-far-more-than-necessary- but-they're-mates director bonuses. The BBC have lost all credibility and respect with many - and rightly so. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  • rate this

    Comment number 190.

    Not a fan of the false jeopardy that shows like this thrive on.

    'One minute to go' the presenter announces as the camera pans round at various half finished cakes.

    'Times up' suddenly the camera zooms in on immaculatey finished & presented confectionary.

    At best its dishonest editing, at worst its an outright con & an insult to the intelligence of the viewer.

  • rate this

    Comment number 189.

    On Masterchef, the two hosts also act as judge and jury."

    Fair enough, but I find Masterchef very boring. I love Mel and Sue, I doubt I would be watching the show if not for them. Also, during the technical challenge, PH and MB can't be present as it is a blind test, so they need additional hosts.

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    Comment number 188.

    185.Brij - reductio ad absurdum.

    The BBC should be providing a catalogue of previous shows produced by and with BBC tax money.

    I don't have a TV - so I really have no say in this, but as this is freely open to anyone with a valid opinion I will!

    Interestingly, the independents make most of their back catalogue available via streaming.

    Be fair to your "indentured tax" customers BBC!

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    Comment number 187.

    Ruby got a degree in Philosophy, not Law. I presume they have amended the report, as it no longer mentions her being a former model. I'm sure that previous reports (before today) referred to that career as she had not, during filming, finished her degree.

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    Comment number 186.

    Congrat to he winner I do hope the BBC don't change the format to this show, they did with QI when they swapped from BBC2 to BBC1 and it was a car crash.

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    Comment number 185.

    To the people moaning about DVD prices:
    - DVDs are not free to produce so you haven't already paid for them
    - Much of the profit will go back into BBC coffers to help produce other programmes
    - Presumably you also think think that Top Gear mugs, Downton Abbey box sets and Its a Knockout tee shirts should be issued free to every licence payer in the country.
    Honestly, some people!

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    Comment number 184.

    I thought the show was a real nail biter and I am now ashamed of my moaning about Ruby, I hadn't realised she is so young! Well done you, Ruby! I couldn't have baked like that at 21 ( I can't now at 53!), let alone held my own against Tweets and nasty comments and so on.
    Also. Frances, my fingers were crossed the whole way through - what a cake. Good luck in the future, you are an inspiration!

  • rate this

    Comment number 183.

    Personally I was so glad Kimberley didn't win. She came across to me a possibly a nasty piece of work - just my opinion of course.


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