Ben Affleck to play Batman in 2015 Superman sequel

Ben Affleck at GQ Men of the Year Party on 13 November 2012

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Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in a forthcoming Superman sequel, bringing together the two superheroes in one film for the first time.

The 41-year-old will star opposite British actor Henry Cavill, who will reprise his role as Superman from the most recent film, Man of Steel.

Director Zack Snyder revealed the big screen superhero mash-up at a comic convention in San Diego last month.

Production is expected to begin next year for release in the summer of 2015.

"We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics' most enduringly popular super heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill and then some," Warner Bros President Greg Silverman said in a statement.

Mr Snyder, who also directed Man of Steel, said in a statement that Mr Affleck will provide an "interesting counter-balance" to 31-year old Cavill's Clark Kent.

"(Affleck) has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne," said Snyder. "I can't wait to work with him."

The sequel - which has yet to be given a title - will reunite Man of Steel stars Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) and Diane Lane (Martha Kent).

Batman and Superman The two superheroes will debut in the same film in 2015

Christian Bale most recently played Batman in director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Michael Keaton and George Clooney have also donned the black mask and cape in previous Batman films.

Ben Affleck's film Argo, which he starred in and directed, won an Academy Award for best picture earlier this year.

The superhero genre is not new to Mr Affleck, who previously starred as the blind hero in the 2003 Daredevil film based on the Marvel Comics.

Batman and Superman are part of DC Comics universe, which is part of the Warner Bros Entertainment division.

Revenues from the latest films featuring Superman and Batman have exceeded $1bn (£655m) in recent years.


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    Comment number 351.

    I think he's a good choice and wasn't as bad as people make out as Daredevil. He can do the charm of Bruce Wayne and the grim determination of Batman. Just don't copy Bale's silly Batman voice and that'll be a good start.

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    Comment number 350.

    Oh dear. Ben Affleck. That's just as bad as casting Zachary Quinto as Spock.

    I'm a lifelong "fan" of Batman, Judge Dredd and many other comic book characters, and I quite enjoyed the 1st Tim Burton Batman, and the newer series of films (although they ruined Bane), but I can't see this film being any good at all.

    Get on with the JLA film(s) instead and cast someone better as Batman.

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    Comment number 349.

    340. LucyJ
    The old Batman movies were for everyone including kids


    The point they're trying to make is that the old Batman (presuming you mean Adam West - I don't think Keaton's Batman was really for kids) was not reflective of the character as it was created.

    It was a deviation from the graphic novel to make it appealing to a certain audience.

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    Comment number 348.

    @ 340

    Yes, the old Batman films were for kids, but they weren't faithful to the source material. They may as well have made up a new character for those films, because that wasn't Batman.

    If you want to see a kids film, go watch The Lorax or The Incredibles. Good adaptations of Batman are always going to be dark because Bruce is a troubled man defending the innocent from other troubled men.

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    Comment number 347.

    Lucy J as Lauren says please read the Dark Knight comics the movies were based on and you may understand it and the characters better.

    And yes the old films were suitable for everyone including kids to watch but that does not negate the fact they were rubbish. It also doesn't mean we should make every film watered down in case the kids might want to watch. Give us adults something.

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    Comment number 346.

    Good choice, but it will be difficult to pick the right story DC has made some really good animated films with both heroes, but can't think of one that would transfer to a live action film.

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    Comment number 345.


    "The old Batman movies were for everyone including kids"

    That doesnt make them better it just makes them different. And worse really, because the character of Batman in those movies didn't deserve the title.
    Until you have read the comic book and have a true understanding of who Batman/Bruce Wayne actually is (rather than who you want him to be), then you opinion is irrelevant.

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    Comment number 344.

    Also @LucyJ

    Batman comes from a comic strip written over decades, If you ever read the Comics you would appreciate that they don't co-habit the world of my little pony. Batman like its peers (Watchmen) was never written for 6 years olds to watch at the cinema with their mothers. Hollywood took dark materials for adults and candy coated them with DeVito et al. Stick to Spiderman, avoid kickass...

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    Comment number 343.

    i thought they would choose someone who could act.

    following the excellent chris nolan/christian bale combination is a big task and given his previous work ben affleck probably isn't up to the task. i hope he proves me wrong but i doubt he will.

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    Comment number 342.

    Oh no. This man is perhaps the worst actor ever. Why bother making it if you couldn't get Bale?

  • Comment number 341.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 340.

    Jack: Batmans a dark character

    Batman is a good guy who had bad things happen to him,
    but he is not a dark character

    WeirdA: fact that Heath horrified you

    Heath Ledger was an amazing actor+excellent in other movies

    But his Joker character was a sick serial killer

    WA: Dark Knight films were for adults


    The old Batman movies were for everyone including kids

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    Comment number 339.

    Well I was considering whether to watch the new Superman/Batman movie, but thankfully somebody already made that decision for me by casting Ben Affleck as Batman.

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    Comment number 338.

    From what I've seen, the Mayor of Quahog would do a pretty good job...

  • rate this

    Comment number 337.

    @329.Lucy J

    If you were so horrified why did you watch all of them? Were you hoping they would all of a sudden be full of rainbows and fairies?
    You can't blame movies for what goes on in the world today, in fact the real world can be is far worse that any movie. It would be a lie to have all movies sweetness and light because the world is not like that. It's a sad fact but true!

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    Comment number 336.


    Have you read the dark knight graphic novels? They are fairly dark the films were just a reflection of that not all "comics" are for kids and not al films are for kids either.

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    Comment number 335.

    And he has the rare distinction of playing Batman, Daredevil and (almost) Superman, having headlined the film "Hollywoodland" as George Reeves, the TV Superman actor who died in sad and mysterious circumstances. I love that film which has great atmosphere and fine understated performances from Affleck and Adrien Brody. Diane Lane was in that one too!

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    Comment number 334.

    Ben Affleck makes for a truly terrible super hero. The Batman/Superman film could have worked if Christian bale could be Batman and help the rather disappointing Superman. Theres no way i will see this film because Mr Affleck is very poor at this sort of thing.

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    Comment number 333.


    That whole post has nothing to do with how good/bad the films are, it's all about the incorrect expectations you have of superhero movies. Are Horror films bad, The Godfather, Schindlers List, Apocalypse Now, Oldboy?
    The Dark Knight films were for adults, the fact that Heath horrified you shows how good he was, The Joker is a horrifying charcter in the comic books. Get a backbone.

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    Comment number 332.

    5 Minutes ago

    But the last three Batman films are awful, negative and downright a bad influence


    Batmans a dark character - he's a kid who saw his parents murdered in front of him & dedicates his entire life to vengeance against the criminal element in society - what did you want a musical?


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