Parent 'shocked and angry' over in-app charging


Many families have been caught out by smartphone and tablet games which charge for bonus content.

Parents have complained that their children unknowingly racked up huge bills as a result of in-app charging, which automatically debits their account.

As a result, the Office of Fair Trading is to launch an investigation.

George Holmer from Nottingham, whose son unwittingly spent £3000 through an American smartphone app, told the Today programme: "When I found out on the banking statement, I was shocked, upset, and very angry.

"I contacted the bank and they said they couldn't do anything, but I should contact Apple. So that's what I did, and I eventually got the money back."

Jo Twist CEO of UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment) said: "The industry takes its responsibility to children and safety to its customers extremely seriously.

"There is a big education consumer job that still needs to be done, and we're working very hard to do that.

"It's everyone's responsibility. Apple have just introduced a warning in the details of the game that says 'This contains in-app purchasing'."

First broadcast on the Today programme on Friday 12 April.

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