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Welsh pop singer Bonnie Tyler has been confirmed as the UK representative at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

The 61-year-old, best known for her 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart, said she was "honoured" to be asked.

"I promise to give this everything that I've got for the UK!" she said in a statement.

Tyler will be performing the song, Believe in Me, in front of an estimated 120 million viewers in Malmo, Sweden, on 18 May.

"I am truly honoured and delighted to be able to represent my country at Eurovision, and especially with such a fabulous song," said Tyler.

Bonnie Tyler in 1984 Tyler, pictured here in 1984, promised she would "give this everything"

The UK entry for the 58th Eurovision Song Contest was written by American songwriter Desmond Child with British songwriters Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide.

Child has worked with Tyler throughout her career, and has also written hits for rock bands Kiss and Bon Jovi.

He also penned the Ricky Martin hits Livin' La Vida Loca and She Bangs.

"Bonnie Tyler is truly a global superstar with a fantastic voice," said Katie Taylor, BBC Controller, Entertainment and Events.

"We are delighted she will be flying the flag for the UK in Malmo."

Last year's entry, Love Will Set You Free by Engelbert Humperdinck, finished second from last with just 12 points.

Tyler is the first Welsh act to represent the UK at Eurovision since James Fox in 2004, whose song, Hold On to Our Love, finished in 16th place.

The UK last won the Eurovision in 1997 when Katrina and the Waves received 227 points for their song Love Shine a Light.

The UK has entered the competition every year since 1959 and has won on five occasions.

In 2003, Liverpool group Jemini was the first UK entry to receive zero points for their song Cry Baby.

The UK also came last in 2008 with Andy Abraham's song, Even If, and in 2010 with Josh Dubovie's entry, That Sounds Good to Me.

Tyler, born Gaynor Hopkins in Neath, Wales, had her first hit single, Lost in France, in 1976.

She was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 1984, including best female pop vocal for Total Eclipse of the Heart.


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    Comment number 449.

    Since we can never win because of the biased voting, which makes the whole thing a joke, why not just recognise that and withdraw? At least then, we don't have to put once well-respected and admired performers through this ridiculous and demeaning charade. It's a career-killer for modern acts and just seems very desperate for the more mature performers.

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    Comment number 448.

    I don't know what programme you watch but it has not been 'fun' for years. It's now a case of scoring political points and voting for your mates. Add to that the fact that the UK has not sent a decent artist for years, Tyler and Humperdink are both has-beens and this makes the rest of the entrants see us a bigger laughing stock than they already think we are.

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    Comment number 447.

    good choice, least we won't have to subsidise next years eurovision out of our licence fee !!!!! royaume-uni nil point !

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    Comment number 446.

    Chris A
    7th March 2013 - 20:58

    It does sound very much like a modern Bon Jovi song.

    The writer of this song has written Bon Jovi songs as well as Meatloaf, Alice Cooper, Cher, Michael Bolton, Roxette, Kate Perry, Ricky Martin (full Album) & Robbie Williams, etc. His hit catalogue would fill a couple of music books. Of course he has written & produced Bonnie Tyler before. Good luck, Britain.

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    Comment number 445.

    God, I was wondering what are the BBC thinking off? Then the song started to play & I find she still has got what it takes, has a great voice & the song is a good one as well. Totally suits her, and with Desmond Child being one of the co-writers of it, that man is a "Colossus" in songwriting. Also, I love the bridge at the end, that's what was missing last year, whatever happens? Will be a hit!

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    Comment number 444.

    Absolutely loved Bonnie Tyler in the old days. But, please can someone explain as to why Britain can no longer vote as to who represents us at Eurovision - that was half the fun.

    Bonnie, enjoy the challenge, but once again we will be in the bottom 2. What a boring song choice!

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    Comment number 443.

    People are under the illusion that this is a contest. It is a light entertainment programme that occupies one evening of your TV once a year and is a cheap "stocking-filler" costing a pittance compared to drama.

    We enter because of our membership of the EBU which provides the infrastructure for all the football you watch - you don't think that the broadcasters take all their own equipment.

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    Comment number 442.

    Heard this earlier today. It's drudge. I'd be surprised if it gets higher than last year. Pity, as Bonnie Tyler has an amazing voice. Who chose this? It wasn't anyone I know....just like last year. No wonder the rest of Europe laughs at us. We were once Great.

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    Comment number 441.

    Once one has seen past a 61-year-old trying to look like a modern teenager it's a formulaic song with a formulaic digital backing. Sorry, it does absolutely nothing for me.

    But good luck to Bonnie all the same.

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    Comment number 440.

    Although she's representing the Royaume Uni, she's from the subjugated Pays De Galles, so that might help...

  • rate this

    Comment number 439.

    Don't be surprised if Bonnie Tyler wins it by a large margin. Europeans will pay their respects to a genuine pop icon.

    Everybody knows that if Britain was to send their best acts they would win it every single year. It's a fact of life that Britain makes the best pop music but it's not Europe's fault you guys snob the competition and send some jokes.

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    Comment number 438.

    Anyone that thinks Eurovision is rubbish or fixed has clearly never heard 'epic sax guy'.

    He inspired billions around the world with his display of pure excellence that night. Musically he was truly unstoppable, what an incredible talent. There should be a statue of that guy in every city in Europe, he is truly an inspiration to us all.

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    Comment number 437.

    Good luck to Bonnie Tyler in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013

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    Comment number 436.

    Last 13 winners of Eurovision - Sweden, Azerbaijan, Germany, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia and Denmark. This doesn't suggest that the voting is purely neighbourly or we'd end up with the same winner every year. Like it or not the best song usually wins regardless where it's from - Germany has few friends but the song was original and it won accordingly.

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    Comment number 435.

    What a nasty, small-minded comment. I doubt there'll be many climbing over her to get to you!

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    Comment number 434.

    Surely our recent understandable comments regarding welfare tourism within the EU, and our cuts in International Aid should have us all borrowing the maximum at 4000% via a pay day loan and lumping on coming last at BIG odds!?
    Who needs Cheltenham!?,it's a bigger certainty than George getting a lucrative consultancy or seat on the board of a UK bank after he gets his P45 at the next election!

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    Comment number 433.

    I guess the UK weren't happy with second to last so they are pulling out the stops to go for the Lantern Rogue so to speak.

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    Comment number 432.

    You have surprised me with your selection of the old singer ENGELBERT HUMPERDINK,and now you continue surprising me selecting the old BONNIE TYLER.You have tons of young singers in your country...only the OLD bucks can win Eurovision...dont you have any confidence in your youth?...Who is next,ELTON JOHN or PAUL MC CARTNEY?????

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    Comment number 431.

    With this song and artist the UK stand a good chance of winning .......the bottom spot

  • rate this

    Comment number 430.

    @ 404.Armchair Rebel

    So true, age doesn't seem to matter. Look at the Russian grannies from last year... they came what 2nd place or something?

    It might have been a sympathy vote but they were pretty good getting up there in the first place imo. Age doesn't matter.

    Although I do wonder what would happen if one direction went up on stage, is their rules against that?


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