BBC pulls New Tricks 'child abuse' episode

New Tricks cast: (L-R) Gerry Standing (DENNIS WATERMAN), Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (AMANDA REDMAN), Jack Halford (JAMES BOLAM), Brian Lane (ALUN ARMSTRONG) New Tricks features an eccentric group of ex-police officers brought out of retirement

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The BBC has pulled an episode of crime drama New Tricks about an under-age sex ring in a care home in the light of allegations about DJ Jimmy Savile.

The programme was due to be screened at 2100 BST on Monday night.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "In light of current news events, this week's billed episode of New Tricks will be replaced by next week's episode."

New Tricks features an eccentric group of ex-police officers brought out of retirement.

Episode nine in the current series of the show, which stars Alun Armstrong and Dennis Waterman, was about a child abuse scandal spanning two decades.

The BBC will instead show episode ten. A new date for transmission for the dropped episode has not been confirmed.

Last month, the BBC postponed the final episode of Good Cop after the deaths of policewomen Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes in Greater Manchester.

The drama, starring former Hollyoaks and Luther actor Warren Brown, had featured a violent attack on a female police officer.

It was eventually screened on 13 October.

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    13:37: Change of heart
    Andreas Kummert

    Speaking of the Eurovision Song Contest, Germany's choice for their entry turned down the chance to represent his country on live TV.

    Andreas Kummert won the public vote to perform his song Heart of Stone at the contest in Vienna on 23 May.

    But, taking to the stage to thank the public, he said: "I'm really not in the right shape to accept this", and handed on the honour to the contest's runner-up, adding: "I give my title to Ann Sophie".

    Kummert gave no further explanation for his withdrawal. The rock singer previously won TV talent show The Voice of Germany in 2013.

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts or email 13:24: Eurovision - Your views
    Eurovision Song Contest logo

    Lots of you have been in contact about the rumour Alexandra Burke may be representing the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Here's a sample of your reaction:

    What do you think if the rumour turns out to be true? Get in touch and let us know.

    13:08: Photo finish

    A photographer has been stripped of one of the world's leading prizes for photojournalism, after it emerged the photos had not been shot where the photographer claimed.

    Giovanni Troilo's series, The Dark Heart of Europe, was disqualified from the World Press Photo contest after the jury learned photos purported to be shot in the Belgian town of Charleroi were in fact shot elsewhere.

    "We now have a clear case of misleading information and this changes the way the story is perceived," said Lars Boering, managing director of World Press Photo.

    "A rule has now been broken and a line has been crossed."

    Mr Troilo was awarded first prize last month in the Contemporary Issues - Stories category, but drew complaints from Charleroi's mayor who suggested the images presented a distorted view of the city, while other photographers claimed they were staged.

    "I'm very sad," Mr Troilo told the New York Times, adding he thought the organisation had been looking for "an exit strategy." "It seems a big injustice," he said.

    12:57: Chic's new disco divas Sarah Jane Griffiths Entertainment reporter

    Nile Rodgers has put together a mind-blowing quartet for a track on the new Chic album - Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Chaka Khan and Janelle Monae.

    Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Nile Rodgers, Chaka Khan, Janelle Monae

    They'll record the vocals for a four-part harmony song he wrote called Queen, which should feature on Chic album About Time when it comes out in June.

    Wondering what that might sound like? Nile says "like Crosby Stills and Nash meets Chic. So it's not country like that, but it's beautiful harmonies like that. Like Crosby Stills and Nash and Simon and Garfunkel!"

    We can't wait to hear it. Read more on this story.

    12:42: Toy (love) Story BBC Newsbeat:
    Toy Story still

    Toy Story 4 will be a romcom, with less of a focus on the relationship between the characters and children.

    Pixar studio president Jim Morris said although Toy Story 4 would pick up from the events at the end of the last film, it wouldn't be a continuation.

    "The third film ended in a beautiful way and completed a trilogy," he told Disney Latino blog.

    "This movie isn't part of the trilogy. It's a separate story."

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    12:27: Star in a reasonably priced car

    This weekend's Top Gear sees X-Men and Skins actor Nicholas Hoult as the 'star in the reasonably priced car'. The show has released these pictures of Hoult behind the wheel, ahead of Sunday's broadcast.

    Nicholas Hoult
    Nicholas Hoult and the Stig
    12:10: Nimrud destruction

    Archaeologists have expressed outrage about the bulldozing of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud by Islamic State militants in Iraq.

    IS says ancient shrines and statues are "false idols" that have to be smashed.

    The site was founded in the 13th Century BC, and the first modern excavations began in the 1840s. Many of the artefacts found there - such as statues of Winged Bulls - have been moved to museums in Baghdad and overseas, but many remain on site.

    "The deliberate destruction of cultural heritage constitutes a war crime," said Irina Bokova, head of the UN cultural agency Unesco.

    Read the full story.

    11:55: Harrison Ford jokes

    Harrison Ford's unfortunate plane crash has led many to make light of the incident on social media, now we know he hasn't been seriously hurt.

    Many tweeted "breaking news" images of the crash, featuring the Star Wars' Millennium Falcon.

    Millennium Falcon spoof

    Actor and comedian Dane Cook also posted an image suggesting there were some other space ships involved.

    Dane Cook Instagram post

    Others tweeted images of paramedics carrying the actor frozen in carbonite - the fate that befell his character in The Empire Strikes Back.

    The actor Patton Oswalt also added: "I hope #HarrisonFord gets six days, seven nights of rest! (Yeah, it's an easy joke, but it's his most popular movie)".

    Sarcasm - the highest form of wit.

    11:42: Burke for Eurovision?
    Alexandra Burke

    It is rumoured X Factor winner Alexandra Burke will be singing this year's UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Interestingly, Burke - who is currently touring in the West End musical The Bodyguard - is not scheduled to perform when the show hits Stoke-on-Trent between 19-30 May. The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Vienna on 23 May.

    Bookmakers Coral has witnessed a gamble on the 2008 X Factor winner taking home the crown even before her participation has been confirmed.

    The firm is quoting odds of 25-1 the UK might win it for the first time since 1997, when Katrina and the Waves stole the show, but said they expect odds "to plummet" if Burke's name is announced.

    A BBC spokesperson said they "do not comment on speculation".

    The UK representative will be revealed after tomorrow's edition of The Voice.

    11:25: Farewell to arms Tim Masters Entertainment correspondent

    Playwright Ben Ellis told me he broke his arm just as he was racing to complete his new play The Armour, starring S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt.

    "In the middle of working on the second draft I was playing five-a-side football and I broke my arm protecting my head from a well-struck ball.

    "It was my dominant right arm, so I had to learn to type very quickly with my left hand."

    11:08: Coming or going?
    Jenna Coleman

    Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman planned to quit the sci-fi show last year, its chief writer Steven Moffat has said.

    Moffat said the actress had asked to be written out at the end of series eight, but then changed her mind and asked to leave in the Christmas special.

    After attending the script read-though, the star changed her mind yet again and decided to stay for another series.

    It must take her a while to decide what to wear every morning...

    Read more on this story.

    10:56: Costume change
    Jax in #TheDress

    A contestant on American Idol wore #TheDress during her performance on Thursday night, in a bid to win over US voters.

    Jackie 'Jax' Cole, one of the final eight girls on the Fox singing competition, sang Ain't No Mountain High in the blue and black dress which became an internet phenomenon last week.

    Show host Ryan Seacrest joked about the wardrobe choice on Twitter: "Even with @jax wearing the actual dress I still see white/gold in the pic."

    10:38: Klimt decision Bethany Bell BBC News

    An Austrian government advisory board has recommended not to return one of Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings to the heirs of its original Jewish owners.

    10:34: Dress code applies
    Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

    An 11-year-old schoolboy caused a stir by turning up for World Book Day celebrations dressed as Christian Grey, from the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Liam Scholes, from Greater Manchester, went to school wearing a grey suit and carrying cable ties and an eye mask.

    It appears teachers turned 50 shades of puce, deemed the outfit "inappropriate" and excluded Liam from school photographs.

    His mother Nicola, a primary school teacher, said the outfit was meant to be "tongue-in-cheek".

    "Liam was advised to dress as James Bond, but he was promiscuous and a murderer," she argued.

    Read the full story. or listen to Nicola Scholes talk about the incident.

    10:16: Final frontier
    Leonard Nimoy as Spock

    Chuck Lorre, co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, has paid tribute to Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy on the end credits of the show in the US.

    Lorre - who is famous for his vanity cards (as the still following the credits is known in the industry) - broadcast one simple sentence: "The impact you had on our show and our lives is everlasting."

    Nimoy died last month aged 83.

    Star Trek - and specifically Spock - have been referenced frequently on The Big Bang Theory. He guest-starred on the cult show in 2012, voicing a Spock action figure that encouraged Sheldon "to embrace his 'human' form".

    It follows a similar tribute to Carol Ann Susi, the actress who played Mrs Wolowitz, following her death last November.

    10:02: One and done
    Neil Patrick Harris

    Neil Patrick Harris has described hosting the Oscars as "a beast" and said he is unlikely to return to the role if asked.

    "I don't know that my family nor my soul could take it," he told the Huffington Post.

    Harris received a mixed response from critics on his debut performance last month, though subsequent polls have suggested viewers would like to see him return to the role.

    "It's so difficult for one who's simply watching the show to realise just how much time and concession and compromise and explanation has gone into almost every single thing," he said.

    "My job was to try and keep things as light and specific to this year's set of films as possible. And if people are critical of that, it's a big giant platform, so I would assume that they would be.

    "It was fun to check off the list, but for the amount of time spent and the understandable opinionated response, I don't know that it's a delightful balance to do every year or even again."

    Read more on this story.

    09:43: Harrison well-wishers

    A number of celebrities have been tweeting get well soon messages to Harrison Ford after his plane crash - with most including some form of Star Wars reference:

    • Peter Mayhew tweeted: "From Critical > Severe > Moderate > Fair in the span of an hour. Is #HarrisonFord Han Solo or Wolverine? Here's hoping my buddy comes away with just another scar to match his crooked smile. Speedy Recovery Harrison!"
    • Mark Hamill: "Glad to hear Harrison is doing well. Get well soon. May all his future flights be green-screen!"
    • Marlee Matlin: "Harrison Ford Injured in Plane Crash: Han would shake it off, Indy would prevail! Get well Harrison!"
    • Kevin Smith: "Not even God can stop Harrison Ford. Happy to hear he's okay."
    • William Shatner: "Harrison had a door fall on him and he continued filming; he's tough!"
    • Ellen DeGeneres: "Sending love and positive thoughts to #HarrisonFord."
    • Gary Janetti: "The tears of one hundred million nerds will heal Harrison Ford."
    09:33: Celebrating Yesterday
    Sir Paul McCartney

    Macca's bacca!

    Sir Paul McCartney has announced his first UK shows in three years.

    The Beatles star will play London, Birmingham and Liverpool in May as part of a European tour, with the London show at the O2 Arena due to take place 50 years after he finished writing the popular hit Yesterday.

    The singer described the timing as "a happy coincidence".

    "The song still is and always has been an important part of our live show. It's always very emotional for me to hear crowds singing it so loudly at my concerts and I'm looking forward to singing it along with the audience at the O2 in May."

    09:20: No Faith
    Paloma Faith

    Paloma Faith will definitely not be singing the next James Bond theme.

    The singer, who previously tweeted she was "born" to sing the theme, told Jonathan Ross on his ITV chat show: "I've found out that I'm not going to be singing it.

    "I think now, because of the whole cool factor thing I'm never going to get it... if you ask for something in this business you don't get it."

    Last month, the Brit winner tweeted: "Dear @007 I've been waiting patiently to be able to sing the next theme. I was BORN to do it. Please don't give it to someone else again!"

    No word yet on who will sing the theme tune to Spectre, which is out in November.

    09:09: Ronson's tribute to Zane
    Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson

    Among the many musicians paying tribute to Zane Lowe as he said goodbye to Radio 1 last night was Mark "Uptown Funk" Ronson.

    Lowe was "a lot of the reason that I probably have a career," he wrote on Instagram, outlining several occasions when the DJ's advice and advocacy had spurred him on.

    "He got where I was coming from, probably cause he came from the same era," he said. "We were both unashamed music freaks who grew up in the golden era of hip-hop but also loved guitars."

    Radio 1 has collected some more of the best tributes to Lowe, who leaves the BBC to take up a new post at Apple.

    09:02: Goodbye Zane, and thanks for all the shouting
    Zane Lowe

    Zane Lowe presented his final show on Radio 1 last night, after a decade of introducing the UK to the best and brightest new music.

    He let his producers - old and new - select the playlist, while his son asked to hear Jamie T's Back In The Game.

    Lowe only reserved the last song for himself, saying: "One band has been a constant for me throughout this whole journey, given me more one-liners that I've passed off as my own, given me more great music than I could possibly hope to digest in a lifetime and they've been kind to me too.

    "This is my last song: Queens Of The Stone Age, A Song For The Dead."

    You can listen to the show again on the BBC iPlayer.

    08:55: 'Damn good pilot': The Hollywood Reporter

    Relativity Media chief executive officer Ryan Kavanaugh watched Harrison Ford make an emergency landing of his World War Two vintage plane on Thursday afternoon, a decision he claims "the best pilots in the world would do".

    "99% of pilots would have turned around to go back to the runway and would have crashed - it would have stalled, gone nose first and crashed," he said.

    "He is a damn good pilot. That's all I gotta say."

    Read the full story.

    Harrison Ford

    Han Solo, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive.... Harrison Ford proved his Hollywood hero status when he was forced to make an emergency landing after his vintage plane's engine failed.

    The star sustained minor injuries, with the emergency services reporting he was found "alert, conscious and breathing" at the scene.

    Experts have claimed he had five seconds to make a decision when the engine died, with some suggesting if he had attempted to turn back to the runway he would have crashed and killed himself.

    His son, chef Ben Ford, tweeted from the hospital: "Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man."

    Read more on this story.

    08:35: Get involved Genevieve Hassan Entertainment reporter

    Get in touch to let us know your views on today's news, or if you spot something you think we should be covering.

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts or email

    08:31: Good morning! Victoria Lindrea Arts and entertainment reporter

    It's Friday!!

    It's all about Harrison Ford this morning and his Indiana Jones-style crash landing on a Californian golf course - that man's insurance premium is going to sky rocket.

    Anyway stick with us for the best of today's arts and entertainment news, and remember - it's almost the weekend!



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