LatAm Beats: Chilean band Chico Trujillo


In the fifth episode of a new series showcasing Latin America's musical talent, Chilean band Chico Trujillo perform their song Calientame la sopa con un hueso (Heat the soup up for me with a bone).

With a frenzied, irreverent style, Chico Trujillo are exponents of a new wave of Chilean music.

Their mixture of classic cumbias with bolero, reggae, Latin American and Balcanic music has secured them an audience not just at home but also in Europe, where their playful, infectious songs are easy to dance to.

Lead singer Macha says their aim is to help recover Chile's festive spirit which was lost in the Pinochet era.

Video produced by Rosario Gabino, Owain Rich, Peter Price, Chris West, Stephen Hillman and Rhian John Hankinson and Tom Santorelli.

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