Sweden wins Eurovision Song Contest


Sweden's Loreen thanked voters before performing her winning track Euphoria

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Favourite Loreen has triumphed for Sweden at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, with her club track Euphoria.

The former Swedish Idol contestant led from early on in the voting at Baku, challenged only by Russia's Buranovo Grannies, Serbia and hosts Azerbaijan.

British entry Engelbert Humperdinck, who opened the contest with his ballad Love Will Set You Free, finished second from last - despite high hopes.

The 76-year-old said he "did the best for my country".

"I've had many highs in my career and Eurovision has been a wonderful experience," he said.

"I want to thank everybody, especially my fans around the world for their words of support.

"I did the best for my country, the rest was out of my hands."

However, at least the British star was spared the humiliation of 'nil points'.

Poor draw

The crooner, who has sold more than 150 million records worldwide, received just 12 points - from Estonia, Latvia, Belgium and Ireland.

The UK has not won since 1997 and has come last three times in the past 10 years.

There were high hopes for Humperdinck - affectionately known as "The Hump" - given his huge global fanbase, but his draw as first to sing in the contest seemingly proved detrimental.

Viewers often tune in late and miss the early contenders, and no opening act has gone on to win since 1984.

Russia's Buranovskiye Babushki Russia's Buranovskiye Babushki were well received in Baku but it was not enough to clinch a win

Twenty six countries took part in the final in Azerbaijan's spectacular Crystal Hall, in front of a live audience of some 20,000.

Up to 125 million typically watch the annual contest on television around the world.

Loreen racked up a massive 372 points on the leader board, leaving a trail of disappointed contenders in her wake.

A combination of points from televoting and national juries decides the winner.

Each country awards points to 10 competitors based on judges' scores and a public vote, with 12 points being the maximum awarded.

"I love you so much. Thank you for believing in me," the 28-year-old Swede told her supporters, as she took to the stage to sing one final time.

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without you."

Eurovision Song Contest

  • Created by Marcel Bezencon in 1955
  • First held in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1956, when the winning song was Refrain performed by Lys Assia
  • Twenty-six countries competed in the 2012 final
  • Watch clips and find out more at the Eurovision website (www.eurovision.tv)
  • Country profile: Azerbaijian

Euphoria has already topped the charts in five countries, including Sweden and neighbouring Finland. Norway had the dubious honour of last place.

Bagpipes, blindfolds and water fountains all featured in a typically extravagant contest, as well as a celebrated group of Russian pensioners, who performed Party for Everyone, a cross between a traditional folk tune and a dance track, to rapturous applause.

Ireland, who were represented by Jedward for the second year in a row, came 19th - with 46 points - an unexpected slump on their previous performance in 2011, which saw them come eighth.

Their performance of pop track Waterline closed with the 20-year-old Grimes twins jumping into a fountain in the middle of the stage.


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    Comment number 714.

    1) Apparently, the Eurovision song contest was invented by a French EBC owner in Switzerland to create harmony in Europe after WWII.

    2) The Euro was created by Jacques Delors.

    3) VAT was created by Maurice Laure.

    Just saying, and pointing out three things that France did for Europe.

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    Comment number 713.

    The last time we won was with an American singer and Labour had just won the elections. Those were the days. Oops, I dragged politics in. Oh well.

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    Comment number 712.

    In the same vein as a lot of the other posters will they be calling for the UK to withdraw from the Olympic games if Team GB do not win every single gold medal regardless of performance... or the withdrawel of England from the world cup? It is a childish and churlish attitude a lot of people are taking for a 3 hour show once a year. Much more air time is granted to shows like the Voice.

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    Comment number 711.

    Enough is enough. The BBC must have better things to spend its money on. We could send any of our biggest acts in world with a song collaborated on by Paul McCartney, Gary Barlow, Elton John and all and it would still come nowhere! Perhaps we should set up our own contest with only non EU countries. Wait a minute? half the contestants now are not in Europe!!

  • rate this

    Comment number 710.

    And we aways vote for Ireland... Whats your point? I enjoyed the evening, thought the Swedish entry was rubbish, but thats just my point of view. Does it really matter?

    Yes there are voting blocks, which are more do do with regional tastes than anything else. Mind you, if Cameron stopped lecturing the rest of Europe and focus on the UK, we may stand a better chance.

  • rate this

    Comment number 709.

    Let's face it, we don't exactly have a good track record in terms of our entry acts, we've either sent some rubbish acts or just manufactored one for the sake of the contest. If we're going to use an artist to represent the UK then we're better off with someone who is successful in our country and has been around for a while e.g. Katrina and The Waves.

  • rate this

    Comment number 708.

    It has enjoyed increased popularity because of the 'Eastern Bloc' but basically it's a pretty sad competition with obscure artists singing obscure songs. You used to get some success e.g. Abba but that's waned over the years time to dump and move on.

  • rate this

    Comment number 707.

    It's a shame that we didn't come last. We just missed out on that even .....at least getting a wooden spoon is something. Think for Edward and Jedword, that was truly ridiculous for Ireland, they need to retire urgently and be told that they're never going to make it. Stick to carrying Oympic Torches, that's the only way yor going to get onto TV in the future.

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    Comment number 706.

    The UK can't get anyway at Eurovision until it improves its attitude towards Europe. The European voters were probably irritated by Cameron and Osborne Lecturing them on the economy and blaming everything they've got wrong on Europe as well as starting abattle with the EHCR over prisoner voting as a distraction. If they aren't willing to engage properly with Europe, the UK may as well not bother.

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    Comment number 705.

    Wheeling out the Hump is a bit like pairing Stanley Matthews with Rooney up front.

    @678. Barnatio
    "Nobody likes us."
    Maybe it's just a case of our entrants being rubbish. The rest of the world doesn't waste as much time disliking Britain as some needy attention seekers would like to. Now, my local team Millwall on the other hand...

  • rate this

    Comment number 704.


    When will we learn that we are wasteing our time trying to win. Why? because few people in Europe actually like us Brits. At least Norway can take comfort in the fact that whilst they came last, they still have the highest standard of living in Europe!


    The fact that my pervious comment has been marked down just proves my point!

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    Comment number 703.


    In last years competition, Blue, the UK entry came 5th in the public voting and 4th bottom in the Jury vote.

  • rate this

    Comment number 702.

    Goodness me, the wringing of hands and consideration of withdrawal I see here are surely quite ridiculous?

    So, the British song didn't do so well. It was a good song in an enjoyable evening.

    Let's not be Neanderthal over this.

  • rate this

    Comment number 701.

    Tactical Voting?
    Well just pretend you are one of the judges and imagine how you would vote.
    Could anyone give United Kingdom a 12?
    We were never going to win it, and there's no real difference better eight points and two hundred.

  • rate this

    Comment number 700.

    Wish the people pushing the political agenda would just shut up. We failed because that same arrogance allows the BBC to hand pick the song. The BBC love the political angle because it hides their failure. That failure that picked Waterman, then the faded blue, and now a fading caberet "star". http://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-the-UK-Eurovision-entry-a-proper-song-contest/148088331896787

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    Comment number 699.

    it is funny how serious this discussion involved knowledge of history and geography. it is easier so my example
    In 2011 Russia decided to send to Eurovision advanced group but nobody understood their music even neighbours. sad. This year we sent to Europe our 'bomb', our 'rocket' - the grannies.
    Some miscalculations were made though...So, if you want a victory make a 'rocket' next year!

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    Comment number 698.

    Certainly the UK entry was rubbish but the bias in the voting is beyond a joke, introducing public voting means that the various minorities and immigrants can vote for what they regard as "their" country,thats why Germany gave Turkey 8 points and Bosnia gave Serbia 10, all down to the Gasterbeiter and Republika Srbska! Only bringing back jury voting or the Iron Curtain will let UK or Ireland win!

  • rate this

    Comment number 697.

    Er, no actually. Europe sings on the back of UK funding. Just to rub it in, they do it in our language and then laugh in our face.

    And yet we will be back next year. Yes really. Because we are that stupid.

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    Comment number 696.

    Let's face, we don't exactly have a good track record in terms of our entry acts, we've either sent some rubbish acts or just manufactored one for the sake of the contest. If we're going to use an artist to represent the UK then we're better off with someone who is successful in our country and has been around for a while e.g. Katrina and The Waves.

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    Comment number 695.

    I think one of the main problems is that many of the songs are released as singles months before the competition. Sweden's entry had already topped the charts in many countries so it is already well known. All it needs is a simple rule that entries cannot be released as singles before the competition, so that all songs are being heard for almost the first time.


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