Does Occupy signal the death of contemporary art?


There has been so much art centred around the Occupy protests that it is beginning to feel like a new artistic movement. I been to meet the New York artists at the forefront of this movement, finding out what defines it and assessing whether this accessible, share-able art could it supplant the world of the galleries.

Read my full article - Does Occupy signal the death of contemporary art? - here. And you can watch my film on Monday's Newsnight at 10.30pm on BBC Two. The film will also be posted in the article after transmission.

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End of an era

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    Comment number 3.

    No of course Occupy does not mark an end to contemporary art; it is a part of contemporary art for NOW. It serves (brilliantly I might add) to express frustrations, ideas - in short, it visualizes what the 99% is attempting to portray is wrong with capitalism & most especially huge investment banks. Some enterprising soul should create a book (e-book?), or a documentary to capture this art.

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    Comment number 2.

    While looking at the links of culture and politics on the streets of New York, perhaps Paul Mason could find out who Jeremy Hunt met at News Corps in September 2009 ?
    Just how mutually interested in China are Hunt and the Murdochs ?

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    Comment number 1.

    "not open to interpretation" ? I expect we'll be invited to " exit through the gift shop" in due course. See you are still hung up on memes.



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