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1 August 2014 Last updated at 10:19

Cost of sonic boom damage in UK

People living in the Filby area recently felt the force of a sonic boom, but can a boom stop your chickens from laying eggs, or might it just shatter the odd window pane?

Jubilee Pool Lido, archs in Portsmouth and the coast in Lands EndTen coastal towns awarded £8.5m

Wells-next-the-Sea is one of ten coastal towns getting a share of £8.5m of Government cash that will create nearly 1,400 jobs and help areas damaged by storms.

A person about to dial 9 on a telephone Police plea over 'silly' 999 calls

Ringing 999 to ask for a lift after missing a bus or train is one of the most common "inappropriate" emergency calls, say Norfolk police.

Deborah McGurran Article written by Deborah McGurran Deborah McGurran Political editor, East of England

Why Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley had to resign

It is a cruel fact of political life that when an MP is forced to stand down it is the scandal the public generally remembers rather than anything else about their career.

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