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Yesterday 30.03.2015


IFS urges scepticism on tax claim

The general election campaign has officially kicked off with a claim from the Conservatives that every working family in Britain would pay an extra £3,028 in taxes under a Labour government.

Scotland's crucial 2015 election role

Opinion surveys are suggesting unprecedented gains for the Scottish National Party in the upcoming general election.

The battle for votes by the seaside

The final outcome of the 2015 general election will be shaped by the results in dozens of marginal seats, where relatively modest shifts in voting patterns will be enough to change the result.

Cameron launches election campaign

David Cameron says he wants to complete the job of "turning the country around" as the election officially gets under way and other leaders hit the campaign trail.

Election 2015: On the leader buses

The latest from the campaign trail as our reporters travel around the country with the parties.

London's key election battlegrounds

BBC London political editor Tim Donovan looks at the key marginal seats in traditionally Labour-leaning London.

Day one election campaign highlights

In the run-up to the general election on 7 May, we'll bring you a daily guide to the key stories from the campaign trail.

Key election figures brought to life

With just under six weeks to go until polling day the size of the electoral challenge for all the parties is clear.

General election campaign begins

Parliament has been dissolved, signalling the beginning of the general election campaign, which will last just under six weeks.

Siemens criticises Labour for advert

To reinforce Labour's business message the party took out a full-page advertisement in the Financial Times, but at least one company has objected to its comments being used for political purposes.
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