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Today 26.03.2015


Charity encourages people with learning disabilities to vote

National voter registration days are being held around the country to encourage people with learning disabilities to vote.

'Candidates should encourage disabled people to vote'

The Minister of State for Disabled People says parliamentary candidates have a role to play in helping disabled people vote.

Deafblind woman says voting needs to be easier

Liz Ball is deafblind and says that she doesn't have access to one of the most treasured rights in a democracy - a secret vote.

The struggle to boost real wages

A new report suggests that no British political party has a coherent policy to grow real wages.

Noisy Commons scenes over Speaker vote

The government is defeated over a bid to change the way a future Speaker is elected to the House of Commons.

How to act like Nick Clegg

A new Channel 4 drama charts the days leading up to the decision by the Lib Dems to work with the Conservatives after the 2010 election.

Tearful MP is clapped in the Commons

Conservative MP Charles Walker is clapped by Labour MPs after claiming he has been "played like a fool".

SNP success 'could cost Wales money'

"All the attention and resources" could be diverted to Scotland in the event of SNP gains at the general election, Plaid Cymru warns.

Bercow: I am not going anywhere

The Speaker tells MPs that he is in the chair and is "intending to remain in the chair" in the House of Commons

Belfast: Could DUP hold balance of power in the Election?

If a Northern Ireland party, the Democratic Unionist Party, could help form a British government, what would they want in return? 2
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