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Today 26.04.2015


Cameron sets out '100 day' Tory plan

David Cameron says wages, welfare, housing and childcare will be at the heart of the Conservatives' programme for government in its first 100 days if it wins an outright victory.

Politicians do the craziest things

How did the ritual of election campaign photo shoots get started, and why do candidates still feel the need for political posing?

Do the English want more say on English matters?

The Conservatives are promising "English votes for English laws" if they win the election. But do the English want more powers?

Pollwatch: Five-set match

The BBC's David Cowling examines the latest opinion polls, likening the campaign to a tennis match set to go to five sets.

Yesterday 25.04.2015


Labour plan to cap rental increases

Private landlords would not be able to increase rents by more than inflation for three years under Labour plans to give tenants more security.

Labour plan to curb rent rises

Labour say if they form the next government, they will act to curb "massive" rent hikes to give tenants more security.

Coalition 'must not be held hostage'

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says his party will not prop up any government "held hostage" by the SNP or UKIP, should there be a hung Parliament.

Farage 'fighting fit' for election

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has admitted to being "in a great deal of pain" at the start of the election campaign and is now "fighting fit".

Cameron 'promises town new bridge'

The Prime Minister promises Lowestoft a new bridge by 2020, according to the local Conservative candidate.

Do people's hustings turn the tables?

Can 'people's hustings' turn the tables on politicians and put voters back in control of the agenda ahead of the general election?
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