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Tom Edwards, Transport correspondent, London

Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London

This is where you can read my thoughts on the pains, pleasures and political policies that are involved in getting around the capital

Camden's 'lack of urgency' over improving fatal junction

8 April 2014
Francis Golding
Francis Golding just "didn't see" the coach before the fatal collision

This week there will be a number of inquests into the cyclists who died during that grim fortnight last year.

Today it was the inquest of the well-known architect Francis Golding whose family had to sit through the detail.

Mr Golding hit a coach that had indicated and was slowly turning left. It was witnessed by a cyclist who was behind Mr Golding at the time of the collision.

He said: "I wanted to shout.. Words didn't come out.. Mr Golding wasn't aware of the coach at all."

The cyclist also said "I don't think he was paying enough attention for two seconds of his journey and he really paid the consequence."

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Will pollution warnings shift political policy?

4 April 2014
Pollution dust on David Cameron's car
Prime Minister David Cameron's car has been covered in Saharan dust

I've covered London's scandalous poor air quality for years and over that time not much has changed.

In 2008 I wrote: "For those who suffer from pollution. More action's needed... quickly ". That hasn't happened.

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Bob Crow: Never one to dodge contentious questions

11 March 2014
File photo dated 10/09/03 of Rail, Maritime and Transport union leader Bob Crow
Bob Crow, pictured in 2003, was always polite, says Tom Edwards

I interviewed Bob Crow many times. And he wasn't actually at all like his public image.

Often he'd mention the weather or the football before the recording.

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Fight begins for the future of the London Underground

18 February 2014
A closed ticket office at Covent Garden

Station staff are the lifeblood of the London Underground (LU).

When you are four-deep on a platform trying to get onto a packed Tube train it is reassuring to hear that voice over the public-address system.

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Tube strike: Journey was a like a silent, polite rugby maul

5 February 2014
A squashed commuter

Many commuters will have experienced what I did this morning.

A grim, dreadful train crush of a journey more reminiscent of a silent, polite rugby maul.

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What's the Tube strike really about?

4 February 2014
Tube strike notice
The roots of this week's strike over ticket office closures go back as far as 2010

The changes facing the Tube - the closing of all ticket offices - are some of the most radical in its history, up there with the introduction of the Oyster card.

It's no surprise the unions have baulked at the scale and the speed of the changes.

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Tom added analysis to:

London Underground strike: 'Ambassadors' to help travellers

23 January 2014

There is always an element of sabre rattling from both sides before tube strikes.

But TfL is being bullish and some would say extremely provocative in publicising the use of ambassadors during a strike.

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London Underground strikes: And so it begins…

14 January 2014
Ticket hall
Transport for London said the plans would save £50m a year

Tube strikes, and so it begins…

The changes to how London Underground (LU) operates have been around for some time but now strike dates have been declared by the RMT Union. It's highly likely the TSSA union will also follow suit.

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Tom began working at the BBC in 1995, having started his career on a small newspaper in the Lake District.

He's worked as Luton Reporter at BBC Look East where he followed an aid convoy during the Kosovo War.

Tom joined BBC London in 2003 as South London Reporter. There he covered the Damilola Taylor trials and received an award for his film on violence against minicab drivers in Croydon. As a general reporter at BBC London he covered the 7/7 terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

He became Transport & Environment Correspondent in 2008. He's covered everything from planes crashing at Heathrow, and snow days cancelling all bus services, to runaway tube trains and the end of the PPP. He was named Transport Journalist of the year in London last year.

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