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Tom Edwards, Transport correspondent, London

Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London

This is where you can read my thoughts on the pains, pleasures and political policies that are involved in getting around the capital

'Crossrail for bikes' in London at political crossroad

13 September 2014
An artist's impression of part of the planned segregated cycle scheme
An artist's impression of part of the planned segregated cycle scheme

The mayor's grand plan and a consultation for a "Crossrail for bikes" is at a political crossroad.

The plan for a long segregated bike lane across London has been welcomed by most cyclists but the mood is changing.

Already, business groups like London First and the RAC Foundation have voiced their concerns about a reallocation in the road capacity.

They all fear gridlock as existing lanes are switched to cycling for the "Crossrail for bikes".

Others have whispered about the plans not being thorough enough and of concern within Transport for London (TfL) about the plans.

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Vauxhall helicopter crash a 'wake up call'

10 September 2014

On the surface, the report into the Vauxhall helicopter crash is pretty stark.

Pilot error is blamed in the official report by the Air Accidents Investigation Bureau for the collision in south London that led to the death of two people including the pilot.

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Anatomy of Tour de France costs

Tour de France in London
The Tour de France passed some of London's most famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace

The Tour has moved on and there's no doubt the crowds turned out in huge numbers - but what is the legacy of the Tour De France 2014 for England and, in these austere times, who paid for it and how?

It's certainly not straight forward trying to find out the real costs behind the Tour as everyone pays different amounts.

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Quietways and the long road to change for cyclists

Proposed quietway
Cyclists in Camden already benefit from more attractive side streets

So far we have not seen big changes for cyclists, but in the next few months we might start to. It is hoped that it will all begin at Vauxhall with segregated lanes and junctions.

Away from the main roads, London's Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan has also been working on "quietways", which will be on side streets with less traffic.

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Heathrow airport's new Terminal 2 opens to passengers

This opening is really a huge exercise in expectation management, and the team here has been constantly saying there will be the odd glitch.

That's not surprising considering that the opening of T5 was an absolute debacle, with lost luggage and delays.

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The English cities which breach air pollution safety guidelines

In London we have had walls planted with shrubs to try and catch pollution and trucks working late at night using "dust suppressants" to wash away the tiny airborne particles that contribute to poor air quality.

We have a congestion charge zone and a low emission zone but still air quality in London is among the worst in Europe and a big contributor to thousands of premature deaths. And London faces huge fines from Europe if it doesn't clean up its act.

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Are we likely to see more Tube strikes?

So in the end the second tranche of Tube strikes were suspended, much to the relief of commuters.

The RMT union managed to get in black and white that all members who are relocated or who have their roles changed will keep the same pay.

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Tube strike on despite RMT and LU coming close to a deal

Earls Court
Earls Court was particularly impacted by the strike

On Friday both sides in the Tube dispute looked drained and exhausted after eight hours of intense talks.

Whispers of a deal had been emerging and both sides admit they weren't far off a deal in the row over ticket offices.

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Tube strike to go ahead with no further talks planned

Both sides looked drained and exhausted after eight hours of intense talks.

Whispers of a deal had been emerging and both sides admit they weren't far off. At 18:15 the talks dramatically collapsed.

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Tube strike: Disruption continues as strike ends

30 April 2014

The problem is these timescales are very, very, tight so there's only Friday realistically to sort this out because we've got the Bank Holiday on Monday.

It all depends on how much each side is wedded to their positions.

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He became Transport & Environment Correspondent in 2008. He's covered everything from planes crashing at Heathrow, and snow days cancelling all bus services, to runaway tube trains and the end of the PPP. He was named Transport Journalist of the year in London last year.

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