Temples of stone: In the footsteps of George Rodger

Image copyright Stuart Franklin

Photographers rarely work in a vacuum, their work is usually inspired by - or a reflection of - what has come before.

At times that trigger is hard to define, but some projects use an existing body of work as the start point. Magnum Retold is one such series, where photographers take their cue from work by early members of Magnum Photos.

One of those is Temples of Stone, by Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin, who travelled to Egypt and Morocco in the footsteps of one of the founders of the agency, Briton George Rodger, who made the journey through north Africa 60 years ago.

"I have a huge respect for and memory of George's work: from his powerful wartime images of Bergen-Belsen to his monumental take on the Nuba," says Franklin.

"But I was drawn emphatically to his north African landscapes because they said so much about George, about his restlessness, his curiosity, and his search for some understanding of how nature and society functioned in Africa."

Image copyright George Rodger
Image caption Jinx Rodger accompanied her husband on a 4,000-mile journey across the Sahara desert

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Picture power: The drowning man

Man rescued in the Mediterranean Sea Image copyright Alessio Paduano

When the crew of Sea-Watch 3 received a distress call from an inflatable boat off the coast of Tripoli, photographer Alessio Paduano was on hand to record the event. Here he describes how he captured the moment a man crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Europe was plucked to safety.

"It was about 11.30 and we were 30 miles from Libya, so in international waters. After seeing a racing inflatable boat with migrants on board, Sea-Watch 3 launched two rescue boats - I was inside one of these.

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When is an apple not an apple?

Apple pinhole camera Image copyright Derek Man

Derek Man used apples as pinhole cameras to capture the harvest at some of the dwindling number of orchards in London.

He worked with The Orchard Project, which is committed to the restoration and celebration of community orchards.

Image copyright Derek Man
Image copyright Derek Man

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Koo Stark on both sides of the lens

Koo Stark in New York Image copyright © Norman Parkinson Ltd / courtesy Norman Parkinson

Around 30 years ago while browsing in a book shop in Shepherd's Bush, I picked up a copy of a small book called Contrasts by Koo Stark. It contained around 100 pictures taken by her, from portraits to landscapes, many showing a light-hearted touch.

For the first time in around two decades, a selection of those pictures are on show once more, alongside her photographs of actors and musicians, a few nudes and, of course, pictures of the model and photographer herself.

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Britain's part-time islands

Hilbre Island Cottages Image copyright Mikey Boardman

The coast of Britain has long drawn artists who look to capture the majesty of the sea or perhaps use the flat surface of the water as a metaphor. But others look to the shores to see how the tides shape the lives of those who live beside it.

Mikey Boardman, an aspiring British landscape photographer, currently studying for a degree in photography at Blackburn University, is one of those, taking as his theme the many tidal islands around the coast.

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The beauty of Beachy Head

Beachy Head Image copyright Brian David Stevens

The chalk cliffs at Beachy Head sit at the eastern end of the South Downs National Park on the south coast of England and offer wonderful views across the south coast to those walking the coastal path.

The cliffs have appeared in many films, from Quadrophenia to Harry Potter and of course Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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24-year photo project reaches halfway mark

Fallen tree in woodland Image copyright Claudia Leisinger
Image caption 00:00 Claudia Leisinger : Remnants of the Great North Wood

This month sees the release of the latest set of 24 images from a group of photographers who document the first 24 hours of each year.

The original group of 24 met while studying at Central St Martins college of art and design in London and are now more than halfway through the project, which they hope to continue for 24 years. So that will be 24 sets of 24 images, 576 pictures.

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The eye behind the lens

England Uncensored by Peter Dench Image copyright Peter Dench

Photography is a visual medium that connects the viewer with the subject through the eyes of the photographer and that magic black box.

It's unique in many ways, but the power the photographer wields in how the subject is represented should not be underestimated and is what makes the stories of those behind the lens so fascinating.

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Identical spaces shaped by residents

Victoria in her flat Image copyright Victoria Birkinshaw

A few years ago photographer Victoria Birkinshaw moved into a flat in south-east London as part of a property guardianship scheme, where residents pay below market rates to stay in a vacant building, providing the owner with income and keeping out squatters, but on short-term notice to leave.

While there, she came upon the idea of exploring how the building's temporary residents had each shaped their own space to suit them, photographing the way each one had dressed the identical space.

Image copyright Victoria Birkinshaw

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Hammering down a stadium and community

Dressing room Image copyright Marcus Drinkwater

Last year I ran work by lifelong West Ham fan Marcus Drinkwater who had been documenting the final year of the football club's time at the ground they called home for 112 years - Upton Park.

West Ham now play their football at the Olympic Stadium, in Stratford, east London, but Drinkwater has continued to record both the demolition of the old stadium and the businesses that remain in the surrounding area, this time in black and white.

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