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Peter Hunt, Diplomatic and royal correspondent

Peter Hunt Diplomatic and royal correspondent

This is where you can come for my take on the latest news about the royal family and other stories from home and abroad

Much excitement but less constitutional weight

8 September 2014
Media crews at Kensington Palace

For a second time, William and Kate have been forced to announce a pregnancy before the duchess passed the significant 12-week milestone.

For a second time it's because Kate is suffering from an acute form of morning sickness - though this time she's being treated behind palace walls and not at a private hospital with representatives of the world's media gathered outside.

The pregnancy has generated international excitement and will continue to do so. But this impending birth will lack the constitutional significance of Prince George's arrival.

As things stand, the as yet unborn girl or boy isn't destined to be a monarch. S/he will occupy the same position as Prince Harry once did.

His mother, Diana, used to call Harry "the back up". Today's announcement has performed one unintended but useful role for the Windsors.

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Prince William's new career for the air ambulance

7 August 2014

For a second time in his life, the man who will be king will take on a role on merit and not because he has inherited it.

It will, according to one of those close to him, give Prince William a renewed sense of purpose.

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Prince Charles launches youth volunteering campaign

21 November 2013

This was a glimpse of how Prince Charles may reign when he becomes king. The setting was Buckingham Palace, his future home. He had, in the words of his office, "convened the leaders of Britain". Such an action is unlikely to be a one-off.

The prince has made it clear that he plans to operate in a different way from the Queen when he accedes to the throne. A man who has spoken out on so many issues, for so many years, will not fall silent when destiny dawns.

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Prince George christened at Chapel Royal

23 October 2013

For three royals who represent the future of the British monarchy - and who will increasingly live much of their lives on a very public stage - this was a private and intimate affair.

Before it began, there was an opportunity to see Prince George for only the second time in his brief life.

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Prince William hosts his first investiture

17 October 2013

For Prince William, this will be yet another taste of what lies ahead for a future king.

He has left the RAF and during what his officials have called a "transitional year" - less charitable individuals have labelled it a gap year - he is looking for another full-time role while continuing to undertake some royal duties.

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Duke of Edinburgh attends 500th awards presentation ceremony

10 October 2013

The scheme, named after the Queen's husband, has come a long way.

When it was established in 1956, one critic accused the Duke of Edinburgh of trying to create the British equivalent of the Hitler Youth.

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Prince George christening date announced

27 September 2013

The Chapel Royal offers Prince William a connection with his painful past and an opportunity to ensure his son's christening is an intimate affair.

It is no coincidence William and Kate have chosen a location where the coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales rested so that her family could pay their respects in the days before her funeral.

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Prince William to swap armed forces for royal duties

12 September 2013

Prince William, a cautious royal, has bought himself some more time.

He's second in line to the throne, not the heir, and he's in no rush to become what he once called a "royal ornament".

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Royal baby: Kate and William visited by Prince Charles

William and Catherine - said by officials to be "so, so happy" - spent the night, a thundery and wet one, with their newborn son in their private maternity suite.

After a labour which had lasted at least 10 hours - and despite the clamour for information from an expectant world - the couple did what most new parents do. They spent time alone bonding with their son.

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He conducted Prince William's first ever broadcast interview; and Prince Harry's first radio interview.

Peter worked in the US during the Presidential Elections and in Qatar during the Iraq War. He has also reported from Moscow, Croatia, South Africa, Kuwait and Hong Kong at the time of the 1997 Handover.

He has reported in the Iraq Inquiry; the Diana Inquest; the Golden Jubilee; the Seventh of July Inquests; and several General Election campaigns.

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