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Devolution: where next?

So what have we learnt from the concentration of speeches and debates on the future of devolution this week?

On one level, not that much, in that most of what has been said has been the reaffirmation of long-held standpoints.

For example, we already knew that the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, was unhappy with how much money the Welsh government gets to spend every year from Westminster.

In a speech, in London, he repeated this as he attempted to take advantage of the moment to try to shape the fluid situation that has emerged after the Scottish referendum.

The question is whether anyone will listen to a country that doesn't appear to have the appetite or the finances to threaten to break away from the Union.

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Why councils are facing the brunt

If ever someone wanted a reminder of why councils are facing the worst of the cuts at the moment, then the latest figures on the performance of the NHS in Wales should do it.

They cover the length of time patients have to wait for hospital treatment after being referred by a GP, and the time it takes to get a diagnostic test like a CT scan or ultrasound.

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Who should decide the cuts?

The debate on council cuts in Wales has moved on.

It's no longer about why the cuts are being imposed, everyone is well aware of the arguments around austerity.

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Cameron on Wales after Scotland

I've just been to Downing Street for my first opportunity to speak to the Prime Minister since the Scottish referendum.

It comes at a time of intense debate about what future powers should be devolved to Wales so inevitably it dominated the interview.

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Jamboree of reflection?

What follows a carnival of democracy? A circus of jubilation? An exhibition of woe? Or perhaps a jamboree of reflection?

The fortnight I spent in Scotland covering the referendum was like no other in my, admittedly brief, career, guest blogger James Williams writes.

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David Cameron kicks off Nato summit in Wales

There surely could not have been a better day for the defence firm General Dynamics in Wales.

The prime minister joined military top brass at the plant in Oakdale to announce a major new contract and the Nato summit was about to begin down the road.

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Concerns at Cardiff Council

When Welsh local Government comes up in discussion these days I'm often told big is beautiful.

It's pointed out that the councils to have got into most difficulty are usually the smallest.

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Welsh NHS with a Scottish twist

Well there you go.

Wales has hardly got a mention in the Scottish independence referendum and then during the most critical debate so far, the final head to head between Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond, the state of spending in the Welsh NHS came up a number of times.

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Scottish expats - a view from Wales

You get an interesting perspective from Scottish expats living in Wales because they are watching the referendum debate from a place where there are people with similar ambitions for independence.

Most of the Scots I've been speaking to don't expect it to happen here, but in the same breath many will say they never expected the Scottish independence campaign to happen in their lifetime either.

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Severn tolls - is this the beginning of the end?

Severn bridges
In 2018 the bridges will come under the control of the UK Government

It has been hotly debated for years but the question about what to do with the Severn bridge tolls is no longer becoming academic.

The reason is that a decision will be made in the next Parliament.

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