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Severn tolls - is this the beginning of the end?

19 August 2014
Severn bridges
In 2018 the bridges will come under the control of the UK Government

It has been hotly debated for years but the question about what to do with the Severn bridge tolls is no longer becoming academic.

The reason is that a decision will be made in the next Parliament.

The contract with the company that built the second Severn crossing will come to an end when it has recouped a set figure of just over £1bn.

That depends on how many vehicles pay the tolls. The latest estimate is the money will be recouped by 2018.

If you think that will mark the end of the £6.40 for cars, £12.80 for small vehicles and £19.80 for HGVs then think again.

Not soaked up

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The Scotland debate in Wales

14 August 2014

If I think back a year, I'm not sure how I expected the debate around the Scottish independence referendum to play out in Wales.

But in reality it has bubbled away quietly under the surface, rather than being a headline-grabbing point of discussion.

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Barnett bailouts

12 August 2014

It's the dog days of August and the calm before the political storm of the Nato summit in Newport and the Scottish referendum.

So what better time to talk about the Barnett formula - the equation which decides how much money the Welsh government receives from Westminster every year.

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Stephen Crabb offers a wind of change in attitude to devolution

1 August 2014

Guest blogger Guto Thomas says Stephen Crabb offers a more positive attitude to devolution as he takes up the reins as Welsh Secretary.

The assertion way back in 1997 that devolution is a process rather than an event was certainly catchy, but nobody could have foreseen that Ron Davies's soundbite would become so voracious in its appetite to develop devolution in Wales.

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The cost of redundancy

24 July 2014

We know that councils are shedding staff but we now know how much it is costing.

Figures obtained by BBC Wales show the redundancy bills for the 22 local authorities were more than £30m in the past financial year.

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M4 relief road: brave or reckless?

18 July 2014

I've been covering the political fallout from the announcement late on Wednesday afternoon, by the Transport Minister Edwina Hart, that a £1bn relief road is going to be built south of Newport, and what is clear is how polarised opinion is.

There are those, led by Plaid Cymru, who have called it reckless, while there are those, led by the CBI, who are delighted.

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What does Welsh Secretary David Jones's departure mean?

14 July 2014

One immediate question that springs to mind is what does David Jones' departure mean for relations between the Welsh and UK governments?

There was always going to be tension, after all one side is Labour and the other Conservative at a time when David Cameron has called Offa's Dyke "the line between life and death".

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Nick added analysis to:

Welsh Secretary David Jones out after cabinet reshuffle

14 July 2014

David Jones pulled no punches when it came to the performance of the Welsh government...

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Williams Commission: not just lines on the map

11 July 2014

It often comes up that I, and my colleagues in the media, are obsessed about lines on the map when it comes to reform of the public sector.

What they mean by that is local government reorganisation.

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'Yes Minister' - the importance of civil servants

10 July 2014

There have been some fascinating elements to the Alun Davies story.

For a start it revealed the importance of ministers getting on with their civil servants.

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