How to make EU referendum debate fly

Airbus A380
Airbus is concerned about the implications of EU withdrawal

The debate surrounding the in-out EU referendum hasn't taken long to gather momentum.

There are a number of Welsh dimensions.

First of all, timing. David Cameron is facing calls to hold the referendum early, possibly next year.

You'd have thought this is something he will want to do but at the same time he also won't want to be rushed into negotiating new terms with the EU.

The first minister has already warned of the dangers of holding it at the same time as the assembly election in May.


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Neutralise NHS attacks

A hospital ward
Concerns about the NHS were a major issue in the general election in Wales

The election fallout continues.

One of the big questions as we look towards the assembly election will be how Labour tries to neutralise criticism of the way it has been running the NHS.

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Cities are where it's at

Cardiff city
A city deal could mean huge public investment in Cardiff

Forget the counties and the shires, any self-respecting economic development policy has to have the word city in it somewhere to give it a sense of dynamism.

So we already have city regions, which is an attempt to make the most of the growth of places such as Cardiff and Swansea.

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What now for the assembly election

Another election is probably the last thing the public want to hear about after what we've just gone through but that's exactly what the parties at the assembly are gearing up for next year.

The Conservatives have been given a huge confidence boost and will feel in a position to challenge in more constituencies next year, rather than just on the list.

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Warrenball works

One senior Welsh Conservative told me the party's general election strategy was like "Warrenball".

This is a reference to the tactics deployed by the Welsh rugby coach Warren Gatland which are brutal, uncomplicated and unwavering, even when there may be doubts.

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My thoughts on the campaign

So what's the campaign been like for you?

There are some who claim it's been boring with all of the big beasts having taken part in hermetically sealed events with little exposure to the general public.

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The last debate

The final Welsh leaders'debate on Friday threw a clear spotlight on some of the major themes that have arisen so far in the campaign.

The early exchanges between Owen Smith and Stephen Crabb summed up the central question: are people feeling the economic recovery?

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No easy times

The state of the public finances has dominated much of the debate in the general election campaign so far.

The big question is how cuts will affect the delivery of public services.

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Sport and the campaign so far

There have been plenty of sporting analogies during the campaign so far.

The safety-first strategy from many of the parties has been likened to a Chelsea team under Jose Mourinho.

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ITV Wales debate

Who came out on top and will it make any difference?

Those are the two questions everyone wants to know after a major debate, and the day after the first Welsh leaders' debate on ITV Wales at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is no exception.

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