Concern over Corbyn

There'll be plenty on the agenda of Labour's Welsh executive committee when it meets next week.

Not least what a Jeremy Corbyn victory will mean for Labour's chances in the assembly election.

His supporters say a wave of people rejoining the party, or signing up for the first time, is positive.

This was backed up by one Labour AM who told me he'll have no shortage of foot soldiers in the campaign thanks to the Corbyn-inspired surge in membership in his constituency, which meant numbers had more than doubled.

But there's also deep concern about the prospects in places such as Cardiff North, Vale of Glamorgan, Vale of Clwyd and Gower.


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The Labour leadership: Welsh angles

With just under three weeks to go until the Labour leadership contest, here are some Welsh angles.

There will be around 50,000 people in Wales voting in the contest.

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The Archers or Brecon and Radnor?

I've been covering the latest developments within the ranks of the Brecon and Radnorshire Conservatives this week which, at times, has had the feel of an episode of the Archers.

The new candidate, a postman called Gary Price, beat among others, Harry Legge-Bourke, a member of a major land-owning family, in an open primary event where there was an allegation that Mr Price was receiving texts during a detailed question and answer session.

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Who's supporting who in Labour battle

Labour's leadership contest is posing any number of questions and debating points for the party, including in Wales, where the rise of Jeremy Corbyn is clearly being reflected.

Last week around a thousand people attended one of his rallies in the centre of Cardiff.

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Responding to response times

The first minister knew that reviewing ambulance targets was a risky move, says BBC Wales political correspondent and guest blogger Daniel Davies.

In September 2013 Carwyn Jones said NHS performance targets would be reviewed.

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Communists for Corbyn?

Guest blogger Daniel Davies says one of Britain's communist parties blames another faction for alleged infiltration of the Labour party.

"It's really a bit silly, a bit Life of Brian," says Robert Griffiths, general secretary of the Communist Party.

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Prime Minister David Cameron at the Royal Welsh Show

I'm at the Royal Welsh Show where David Cameron has made his third visit to the showground in a year.

He was at last year's event, then he came to a pre-election rally here at a time when the polls said he was neck-and-neck with Ed Miliband.

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Golden goodbyes

Everyone is distancing themselves from the voluntary redundancy package of more than £230,000 to a senior Welsh government official.

It's an acknowledgement of how toxic such a payment is at a time of austerity.

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RIFW, what next?

For sale sign with Welsh government logo in a field
Image caption An assembly committee begins an inquiry in the autumn into what went wrong at RIFW

So what happens next to the Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales?

It was suspended after the Wales Audit Office began what was its most complex ever investigation.

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Politics on tour

Carwyn Jones takes questions
Image caption Carwyn Jones takes questions from voters at a Labour-sponsored meeting in Gorseinon

Tomos Livingstone writes a guest blog on an outbreak of politicians going on tour to take their messages directly to the people.

With less than a year before the next assembly elections, it seems you're no-one in Cardiff Bay unless you've been on a tour of Wales.

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