No sign of agreement

We've got used to disagreement about the number of councils that should exist in the future, but it's quite something to reach such a disagreement about the technical arrangements needed to allow councils to merge voluntarily.

That's what has happened with the final vote by assembly members on local government re-organisation, which has now been postponed.

It's a reminder of how difficult it can be for the government to function without an overall majority and facing opposition parties who are not going to make life easy for it.

There are plenty of opposition assembly members who believe the vote is inconsequential anyway because no final decision has been made, but I think there is a symbolic importance to the legislation because at the very least it gives a sense of momentum to the process.

Final agreement on the future configuration of local authorities in Wales will be dependent on the numbers after the assembly election.

Cracking on

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It's the economy stupid

The Clinton campaign slogan read "it's the economy stupid", and it appears this will be the mantra for Welsh Labour as it approaches the assembly election.

The First Minister stressed it in his speech to the Labour conference and I get the impression he would be perfectly happy for the economy to dictate the terms of every interview from here until May.

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Welsh Labour's huge nervousness about Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn
Image caption Jeremy Corbyn asked the prime minister questions people had emailed to him

It's been an extraordinary week for Jeremy Corbyn at Westminster. At the other end of the M4, events have been viewed with intense interest, above all by Labour.

A few things are beginning to become clearer about the impact in Wales, but not much. There's still huge nervousness in Welsh Labour. Even if people are not entirely opposed to him, there's still concern about how it's going to play out. There's also real sensitivity about criticising him, because they know an attack on him is an indirect attack on the majority of the membership.

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Corbyn: the reaction in Wales

There's been a strange mix of wide-eyed optimism and utter trepidation from Welsh Labour politicians this weekend.

I've even had Shakespeare quoted at me with the Hamlet line: "This above all: to thine own self be true," as the party was clearly still coming to terms with Jeremy Corbyn's landslide.

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Cardiff airport concerns

Two years may have passed since the Welsh government bought Cardiff airport but the debate over the use of public money hasn't.

Since the acquisition, Welsh ministers have loaned the airport more than £20m and the viability of those loans have now come under scrutiny in relation to state aid.

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Re-thinking the referendum

Stephen Crabb
Image caption Stephen Crabb at General Dynamics UK in Oakdale on Wednesday

By Daniel Davies, BBC Wales political correspondent

Soon we'll see the UK government's proposals for further devolution when it publishes draft legislation.

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Concern over Corbyn

There'll be plenty on the agenda of Labour's Welsh executive committee when it meets next week.

Not least what a Jeremy Corbyn victory will mean for Labour's chances in the assembly election.

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The Labour leadership: Welsh angles

With just under three weeks to go until the Labour leadership contest, here are some Welsh angles.

There will be around 50,000 people in Wales voting in the contest.

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The Archers or Brecon and Radnor?

I've been covering the latest developments within the ranks of the Brecon and Radnorshire Conservatives this week which, at times, has had the feel of an episode of the Archers.

The new candidate, a postman called Gary Price, beat among others, Harry Legge-Bourke, a member of a major land-owning family, in an open primary event where there was an allegation that Mr Price was receiving texts during a detailed question and answer session.

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Who's supporting who in Labour battle

Labour's leadership contest is posing any number of questions and debating points for the party, including in Wales, where the rise of Jeremy Corbyn is clearly being reflected.

Last week around a thousand people attended one of his rallies in the centre of Cardiff.

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