The last debate

The final Welsh leaders'debate on Friday threw a clear spotlight on some of the major themes that have arisen so far in the campaign.

The early exchanges between Owen Smith and Stephen Crabb summed up the central question: are people feeling the economic recovery?

Owen Smith's claim was that there was an "epidemic" of insecurity in the jobs market and growing inequality as reflected in the rise in the use of food banks under the Conservative-led coalition.

The counter claim from Stephen Crabb was to accuse Labour of portraying the Welsh economy as being "Victorian" when most of the new jobs are full time and permanent.

Whoever wins on Thursday will have done so by persuading people to trust them on the economy.


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No easy times

The state of the public finances has dominated much of the debate in the general election campaign so far.

The big question is how cuts will affect the delivery of public services.

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Sport and the campaign so far

There have been plenty of sporting analogies during the campaign so far.

The safety-first strategy from many of the parties has been likened to a Chelsea team under Jose Mourinho.

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ITV Wales debate

Who came out on top and will it make any difference?

Those are the two questions everyone wants to know after a major debate, and the day after the first Welsh leaders' debate on ITV Wales at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is no exception.

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Leaders in Welsh debate should expect a tough night

Welsh leaders who will take part in the ITV Wales election debate
Stephen Crabb (Conservative), Owen Smith (Labour), Kirsty Williams (Lib Dem), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru), Nathan Gill (UKIP) and Pippa Bartolotti (Greens) will take part

It could be a tough night for all of the politicians taking part in tonight's first televised debate between the Welsh leaders of the main parties.

Owen Smith for Labour will inevitably have to defend the record of Carwyn Jones's devolved government, even though he is not a member of it.

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More than immigration

UKIP's manifesto is the party's big opportunity to get away from the tag of being a one-trick pony on immigration.

It has always said the document would be fully costed and provide a rounded set of proposals covering the main aspects of government.

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Hung parliament and the economy

Plaid Cymru's stance against the Conservatives in this campaign was always going to leave it vulnerable to the claim that, when push comes to shove, Labour will always be able to rely on its support.

After all, when you've made blocking a return for the Tories an absolute priority, then where else do you go?

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Cappuccino interviews

I've never drunk so much coffee in my life after speaking to all of the Welsh party leaders in a range of cafes in what I've called the "cappuccino" interviews for Wales Today.

Four down, two to go.

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Hard words

I'm interviewing all of the main party leaders this week for Wales Today in a variety of cafes across Wales.

I kicked things off with Labour's shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith in the baking sunshine at Barry Island.

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Who speaks for Wales?

An interesting pre-debate debate has opened up about who speaks for Wales.

Tonight's event is obviously a great opportunity for Plaid Cymru.

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