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Maggie Shiels, Silicon Valley reporter

Maggie Shiels Silicon Valley reporter

Maggie is no longer with the BBC but we've left her page for reference

Maggie added analysis to:

Facebook adds Skype video chat feature

Coming hard on the heels of Google+, Facebook's Skype offering is likely to be compared to its rival's Hangout feature. That product allows up to ten people to chat at any one time, while the Facebook/Skype video chat feature facilitates just one-on-one video chatting.

Skype did hint that there will be added features in future, but Google has stolen the lion's share of the headlines and Facebook will not enjoy being seen as following in its footsteps.

At the launch in California, Mark Zuckerberg was reluctant to get involved in a tit for tat comparison but he did say that he saw such products as part of the narrative that in future companies which have not traditionally looked at social networking will be layering it on top of all their products.

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Maggie added analysis to:

Google e-mail accounts compromised by 'Chinese hackers'

Security experts say they are seeing an increase in these so-called spear phishing incidents in which attackers go after specific information or assets and aim at "high value individuals".

One consultant described it as an "epidemic", while another said such attacks are all too easy to perpetrate given the amount of information that lives on the internet about people - from their Twitter stream to their Facebook pages to sites that trace your family tree.

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About Maggie

Maggie was the first BBC reporter to cover Silicon Valley full time and has become a regular commentator on the high tech industry in the US.

Her career highs have included interviewing the inventor of the mouse Douglas Englebart and silicon visionary Gordon Moore. In previous roles she also interviewed Audrey Hepburn and Spinal Tap.

Maggie has also dabbled in the world of entertainment appearing in a Lloyd Cole and the Commotions video, an Irvine Welsh movie and a BBC children's TV series.

In her spare time she ride horses, indulges in Victor Hugo books and hangs out with her family.

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