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Len Tingle, Political editor, Yorkshire

Len Tingle Political editor, Yorkshire

This is where I hope to make sense of the complex political issues and decisions affecting our daily lives in Yorkshire and the North Midlands

Yorkshire eyes on Scotland vote

4 September 2014
Yorkshire flag
Some calls have been made for Yorkshire's flag to be seen flying over an independent county in future

There were around 100 at the event in Wakefield listening to my passionate speech.

Hands shot up in agreement with what, in my humble opinion, was a pretty good case for Yorkshire declaring its immediate independence.

But that was in the 1960s and the average age of those listening at the local schools' debating competition was probably under 15.

We have all grown up a bit since then and so have the arguments and aspirations.

The debate over the past decade has been about whether Yorkshire would be better off if it could take more control from Westminster and Whitehall.

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The North tunnelling to prosperity with HS3?

12 August 2014
Steam train emerges from the Woodhead Tunnel
The first HS3? Postcard of Woodhead Tunnel held in Thameside Archive

It is a simple idea aimed at boosting the economy of the North.

Dig an expensive tunnel under the Pennines and run lots of high-speed trains through it carrying commuters and goods between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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UKIP's changing road to Doncaster

1 August 2014

When I turned up to report on my first UK Independence Party annual conference I was handed a biro, a piece of card and told to write out my own ID badge.

I even had to recycle a clear plastic wallet and safety pin still in my pocket from the previous week's TUC Conference.

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National parks face biggest change to governance

Yorkshire Dales National Park sign
The governance of the national parks could be about to see its biggest change in six decades

As I drove around Yorkshire this week there was no mistaking the route of the Tour de France through Yorkshire.

Spray-painted yellow bikes stuck on walls compete with thousands of banners and flags.

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Miliband pledges full inquiry on Orgreave

Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband has told the IPCC to "get a move on" with its investigation into the events at Orgeave

Labour leader Ed Miliband has joined the chorus of voices wondering just how much evidence it takes before the official police watchdog bares its teeth.

It is 18 months since a BBC Yorkshire documentary broadcast interviews with police officers who admitted they were ordered to change their statements on what happened at the infamous "Battle of Orgreave" during the Miners' Strike in 1984.

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UKIP: Can Yorkshire be a political springboard?

UKIP celebrates in Rotherham
UKIP took 10 seats in Rotherham in what has always been a traditional Labour stronghold

UKIPs success in Labour's Yorkshire backyard shows the party has now permanently changed the face of politics as we know it.

Who says so?

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Len added analysis to:

UKIP gains in Yorkshire and Humber

With UKIP topping the poll, they were allocated three of Yorkshire and the Humber's six seats, with Labour getting two and the Conservatives getting one.

But although these seats were allocated across the entire region, they were counted council-by-council and UKIP came top of the poll in some surprising places including York, Doncaster and Rotherham - in the past, all Labour's heartland.

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European elections: Yorkshire and Humber region braced for surprises

25 April 2014
Polling station sign
Voters have seen have seen only two of the six Yorkshire and Humber MEPs elected in 2009 remain in their seats

The European elections have always had the ability to throw up surprises in Yorkshire and the Humber - and the 2014 polls are unlikely to disappoint.

Five years ago Labour took a beating and finished up with just one of the region's six seats. The Conservatives took two.

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European musical chairs in Yorkshire

31 March 2014
Polling station sign
Voters have seen have seen only two of the six Yorkshire and Humber MEPs elected in 2009 remain in their seats

As we head towards the European Parliamentary elections later this year it might be useful to reflect on the remarkable game of MEP musical chairs in the Yorkshire and Humber constituency since the last polls.

There's been such an unprecedented round of resignations, defections and heated rows that of the six elected in 2009 just two representing the party they stood for at the time remain in their seats.

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Lessons from the Miners' Strike?

12 March 2014
Miners Strike "Battle of Orgreave" shaped later thinking of Sheffield academic Dave Waddington
The Battle of Orgreave shaped the later thinking of Sheffield academic Dave Waddington

As we approached the 30th anniversary of the start of the year-long Miners' Strike against pit closures I spent a lot of time revisiting my memories of covering it as a young television reporter and reflecting on the enormous social and economic changes that it triggered.

It is clear that a lot of others have been doing exactly the same.

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About Len

Len Tingle is the BBC's veteran political editor for Yorkshire and the North Midlands, reporting and commentating on the challenges facing of one of the most socially and economically diverse regions in the UK.

He is a familiar face on Look North, on the weekly Sunday Politics programme, and is also heard regularly on the BBC's local radio stations in Leeds, Sheffield and York.

Born in Barnsley, he reported on business and industrial issues from across the UK and the world for newspapers, ITV and the BBC before returning to Yorkshire in the mid-1990s.

"Think of an idyllic or exotic place and I've probably reported from a shop floor, steel mill or coal mine close by - then caught the next flight out without seeing a single tourist attraction.

"It was all great experience for eventually specialising in politics. Scratch the surface of any business story and a politician usually pops out - wherever you happen to be in the world."

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