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Centrica closes in on new chief executive

British Gas bill & flame

Next week will be dominated by news of energy giants. Both BP and Centrica will update the market on their latest performance.

For BP, much of the focus will be on Ukraine and what affect any new sanctions may have on relations with the Russian energy business, Rosneft.

For Centrica, a difficult set of numbers will show operating profits down by as much as a third according to consensus estimates.

A relatively warm winter and pressure on margins as bills prices remain to all intents and purposes frozen has had an impact on the bottom line.

Another factor connects these two businesses beyond the dates that they are announcing their half-year figures.

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Philip Clarke tells BBC of 'enormous relief' as he quits Tesco

Philip Clarke

Tesco is Britain's biggest and most profitable retailer. To be its chief executive is to be in a job about which everyone has an opinion.

Messy aisles. Missing products. Unhelpful staff. "Sort it out" would come the cry from millions of customers.

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Is this the death knell for free high street banking?

Some £5 and £10 notes

The Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) decision to launch an inquiry into the UK's banks may finally get us to the answer - does the present structure work for customers and businesses?

Lots of people already say no, and as the CMA points out levels of satisfaction in the sector are below 60%.

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GlaxoSmithKline’s fresh Chinese problems

GSK logo

Another morning, another slew of negative headlines for Sir Andrew Witty, the chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline.

The Financial Times revealed last night that GSK admitted to bribery problems in its China business as long ago as 2001.

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Banks gearing up for full-scale competition inquiry

The CMA will announce its banking competition conclusions on Friday

Poor old banks. Just as they were looking forward to the summer holiday, along comes a new threat to their business.

The Competition and Markets Authority, the markets watchdog, has just confirmed it will be announcing the conclusions of its study into banking competition on Friday morning.

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Cuddly puppets axed as Wonga attempts big clean-up

Still from Wonga ad with puppet grandparents

After its regular appearances as the whipping boy for all that is bad in payday lending, Wonga is attempting to offer a new face to customers - and its critics.

Andy Haste, the former chief executive of the insurance giant, RSA (owner of More Than), is to become chairman of the company and his first job will be to announce a review of how the business operates.

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Fear of failure stalked the Royal Mail sale

Royal Mail letters

Last month the analyst and former Goldman Sachs employee, Louise Cooper, made a speech entitled the City is from Mars and politicians are from Venus.

With a nod to John Gray's best-selling tome dealing with men and women, Ms Cooper argued that the worlds of finance and Westminster were unlikely ever to be comfortable bed-fellows.

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Sainsbury’s rejects new moves to relax Sunday trading laws

Sainsburys, Cambridge
Sunday trading rules should remain, Sainsburys chief executive Justin King says on his last day in the job.

He insists he won't be choking back the tears. Today, Justin King says farewell to Sainsbury's after a decade as chief executive.

All the traditional retailers have suffered in that time as discounters have vacuumed up price hungry shoppers.

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M&S’s never-ending rebuild

Person carrying M&S bag
Online sales at M&S have fallen by more than 8%

Marks and Spencer has announced that online sales have fallen by more than 8% after its new website launch suffered from a period of what the retailer described as "bedding in".

In an age of phenomenal digital retail growth, the drop certainly bucks the market. Sadly, it's in the wrong way.

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