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Rising wages change terms of debate

16 April 2014
Ed Balls and George Osborne

So finally, after four years, wages have started rising faster than prices. The Office for National Statistics says that pay rose by 1.7% in the year to February while consumer prices rose by just 1.6%.

But note this: from the government there has been no whoop of joy to celebrate the end of what Labour calls the cost of living crisis. Instead, official statements put out by both sides of the coalition are more subtle.

Both George Osborne and his Treasury colleague Danny Alexander issued press releases focusing on the improving employment figures.

And on the cost of living, the chancellor said: "The only way to see rising living standards is to grow the economy."

The chief secretary said: "The only way to higher living standards is to take the difficult decisions needed to deliver our long term economic plan."

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The self-doubter behind Thatcherism

4 April 2014
Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1976

Forty years ago a man called Keith Joseph had what alcoholics call a moment of clarity.

After years as a typical big-spending, intervene-at-all-times-of-day Conservative Cabinet minister, he suddenly changed his mind. "I have never really been a Conservative," he declared.

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Unite's Len McCluskey warns over Labour 'defeat' in 2015

1 April 2014
Unite general secretary Len McCluskey
The Unite leader said Labour lacked a "coherent vision"

The leader of Britain's biggest trade union has warned Ed Miliband Unite could break its links with Labour if the party loses the next election.

Len McCluskey told reporters he could see the union voting to disaffiliate from a defeated Labour if it ceased to be the voice of working people.

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Labour is nervous

25 March 2014

Like a breeze on an open sea, ripples of uncertainty are spreading across Labour's ranks at Westminster.

Labour MPs know that if the opinion polls stay roughly the same as they are now then the party should win a majority at the general election.

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Budget highlights philosophical divide

20 March 2014
Budget debate

The irony of the Budget is that it touched on one of the core philosophical differences between Labour and the Conservatives and yet few seem to have noticed.

The central idea in George Osborne's reform is that people should have greater choice over how they spend their pension savings.

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EU poll talk puts smile on PM's face

12 March 2014

When prime ministers travel abroad, more often than not crises blow up at home.

There then ensues a frantic process whereby Downing Street officials desperately try to find out what is happening.

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James added analysis to:

Prime minister's belief in Israel 'unbreakable'

12 March 2014

David Cameron came to the Middle East to encourage the Israelis and Palestinians to sign up to a US diplomatic process designed to get both sides talking.

Yet his speech to the Israeli parliament was notable for its lack of edge.

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Questions over Labour jobs plan

10 March 2014

Labour's jobs guarantee is the kind of policy that gets party strategists weak at the knees.

Not only is it designed to tackle long term unemployment but it also hopes to cut welfare spending too.

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UKIP: 'No skeletons in my cupboard'

28 February 2014

If you want evidence of how UKIP is trying to become more professional, look no further than the form potential candidates have to fill out, a copy of which I have obtained at the party's conference in Torquay.

Wannabe UKIP candidates have to declare the following:

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Floods: Are politicians more Canute than can-do?

11 February 2014
David Cameron
David Cameron has admitted that extreme weather events are hard to overcome

It was on the marshy banks of the Thames at what would subsequently become Westminster that King Canute supposedly battled the incoming flood tide.

He placed his throne on the beach and commanded the rising waters to halt to show his impotence at the face of the elements.

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