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Emily Maitlis, BBC Newsnight political editor

Emily Maitlis Political editor, BBC Newsnight

Come here for a flavour of what I’m hearing around Westminster - I’ll be leaving my thoughts and asking questions, plus snippets of interviews and curiosities I come across

Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg go head-to-head in TV debate

3 April 2014

Nick Clegg accused Nigel Farage of peddling "dangerous fantasies" in Wednesday's BBC TV debate on Britain's future in Europe.

Mr Farage accused the Lib Dem leader of "wilfully lying" to the British people about Brussels' grip on UK laws.

The UKIP leader also claimed EU immigration had hit the "white working class" the hardest.

Instant polls suggested Mr Farage had won by a bigger margin than he did in their first debate last week.

Here's my film on the night's events.

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UKIP hopes to clean up at Euro polls

2 April 2014

UKIP leader Nigel Farage claims his party could top the polls at next month's European elections.

If it were to do so, it would be the first time since World War One that any party other than Labour or the Conservatives had won a nationwide election.

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The significance of Angela Merkel visit

27 February 2014

The chancellor of the most powerful country in Europe is in London.

Germany's Angela Merkel is addressing a joint meeting of parliament, having tea with the Queen and being buttered up by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Miliband plans 'one member, one vote'

29 January 2014

Crunch time for Ed Miliband, who is on the brink of making what could be the biggest decision of his leadership so far.

At stake? Labour's complicated and intimate relationship with the trade unions. Newsnight understands he is ready to unveil his long-awaited proposals to transform it.

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Labour 50p tax plan: Why are some people staying quiet?

27 January 2014
A 50p coin on its edge on a white background
Labour has pledged to restore the tax for people earning over £150,000 if it wins the next election

When in the spring of 2012 George Osborne was considering jettisoning the 50p tax, I'm told some close to him were very wary of letting him go ahead.

They thought he would send out the wrong message - destroy any pretence of being "in it together", and signal the Conservatives' proximity once more to high earners and big business.

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Parties battle to be seen as the consumer champion

24 January 2014

Ever since Ed Miliband proposed a two-year freeze on energy prices, he has set himself up as something of a consumer champion.

Just last week, as he announced a radical reform to the banking system, the leader of the opposition said he wanted reform of "every broken market".

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Sexual misconduct and the Liberal Democrats

22 January 2014

You wait and you wait - as it were - and then two judicial findings into claims of sexual misconduct come at once.

In the last few minutes, Mike Hancock became the second Lib Dem to be suspended by his party in two days.

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'Not 12 - but probably 10'

10 January 2014
George Osborne

Much has been made already in the new year of the so-called differentiation strategy between the Tories and the Lib Dems.

The suggestion is that over the course of the next 10 months, the Lib Dems will start to redefine their own party mission - to try to claw their way back in the polls and eventually in the general election.

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Welcome to my page

9 January 2014
Fireworks over Westminster

While Allegra Stratton is off on maternity leave, I shall be tending her other baby - the political editorship of Newsnight.

I will be leaving thoughts and asking questions here. They won't all be finished conversations or stiff set pieces - more a flavour of what I'm hearing and thinking as I go along - snippets of interviews and curiosities I come across.

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About Emily

Emily is tending the political editorship of Newsnight while Allegra Stratton is on maternity leave. She has presented Newsnight since 2006 and also works alongside David Dimbleby et al on the election coverage specials each year.

Last year she won an award for her documentary on Facebook - securing an exclusive television interview with founder Mark Zuckerberg. Her other documentaries have covered everything from Nicolas Sarkozy and Donald Trump to Barbie. She has interviewed the last four prime ministers and major figures in US politics including Clinton, Kissinger, and McCain.

Emily speaks French, Spanish and Italian, but contrary to popular belief her Mandarin is utter rubbish.

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