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David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

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Cameron backs 'messy' devolution to keep UK together

It's Tuesday afternoon here in Birmingham - possibly where you are too - and you're probably wondering where David Cameron stands on fiscal devolution to Wales.

The prime minister has given an interview to ITV Wales (ours was postponed when parliament was recalled last week).

Here's his explanation for the removal of the lockstep: I think it makes sense now that this extra step is being take in Scotland to revisit the situation in Wales and to recognise that actually fiscal devolution, giving local parliaments, national parliaments more power to raise and spend the money works for both.

"In Wales, I'm a 'double yes' man. I say 'yes' to a referendum on tax-raising powers and 'yes' in that referendum to having those tax raising powers, so we've got some steps to go through but I'm clear about what I'd like to see happen."

With Welsh Tory patience at the Welsh government's reluctance to trigger that referendum being gradually eroded, Adrian Masters asked Mr Cameron why there still had to be a referendum on tax-varying powers.

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The 'inimitable' Andrew RT, daytime TV, and Tory oaks

According to the leader of the Welsh Conservatives it felt like a daytime TV show.

"Sadly," he told Cardiff North MP Jonathan Evans, "you are not Susanna Reid."

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Welsh Tories say they won't be reckless when UKIP call

I know what you're thinking. Who's next?

Mark Reckless has joined Douglas Carslaw in staging a highly theatrical defection from the Conservatives to UKIP.

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End of the line for the lockstep hokey-cokey

So farewell then, the lockstep. It has gone the way of the the legislative competence order into the great policy cloud in the sky.

For those not familiar with the lockstep, I draw your attention to the excellent BBC dictionary of devolution. Here's a reminder of the trouble it caused in Welsh Conservative ranks.

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Ed Miliband's Welsh funding 'commitment'

I've just met a man called Ed. We talked funding, Barnett formula and the NHS. Together.

I've spent most of this week trying to find out how Labour would somehow give the Welsh government more money while making no unfunded spending commitments. First Minister Carwyn Jones said he'd received assurances from Ed Miliband that he would "address" the £300m (on Mr Jones's figures) gap.

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Ed Miliband and the Barnett formula - your daily update

Day two of the Labour conference, and Joel Barnett's ears will be burning today.

First, a reminder of why Ed Miliband wants to keep the Barnett formula. He told Andrew Marr yesterday: "All the party leaders have said that we think the Barnett formula has served us well and should continue because it is oriented towards need.

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Miliband warns of Tory 'England versus Wales' tactic

Ed Miliband and Carwyn Jones
Ed Miliband praised Carwyn Jones for coming up with the idea of a "constitutional convention"

I've just been to "Welsh Night" on the Labour conference fringe.

Once described by Paul Flynn MP as "a booze-up, a sing-song and a raffle" it has changed from its 1980s heyday. The Hennessys have replaced the male voice choir, although Welsh Labour chair Andy Richards and shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith did throw in a few "comrades" to introduce a little nostalgia.

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Coming soon to a government near you? 'Barnett Plus'

Good afternoon from Manchester, home to the Premier League champions and final resting place of Robbie Savage's ponytail.

It is also home this week to the last Labour conference before a general election in which they hope to win power, a conference they hope to use to highlight manifesto commitments and showcase Ed Miliband as #PMdesignate to borrow a Peter Hain hashtag from Twitter.

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Ideas, policies, debates - how to get Wales noticed

Christmas has come early for constitutional geeks who can spend the next few months enjoying a time when constitutional issues dominate the domestic political agenda.

If, on the other hand, you're the sort of person whose eyes glaze over at the mention of the Barnett formula, you might wish to skip invitations to Pontcanna dinner parties for a while.

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Scotland fall-out: Wales talks money and power

Another quiet day in politics. Alex Salmond is standing down, Ann Clwyd isn't and Guto Bebb is very sorry.

The United Kingdom may never be the same again (copyright all politicians) but many of those involved in Welsh constitutional debates are generally sticking to the views they held before Scotland went to the polls.

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