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Devolution, 'deferential' media and old men in politics

The new law that will give the Welsh government new tax and borrowing powers cleared another hurdle in the House of Lords last night.

As is traditional, the Wales Bill was given an unopposed second reading and will now (well, after the Scottish referendum) be scrutinised in detail by peers during its committee stage.

Yesterday's debate featured some familiar faces making familiar arguments. Whenever two or three Welsh politicians are gathered together, the Barnett formula gets a mention - and last night was no exception. Labour argues that the formula leaves Wales under-funded so it will be interesting to see what its manifesto says about how it plans to tackle this.

Almost every peer who spoke complained that the National Assembly for Wales has too few members, although no political party likely to form a Westminster government has yet to commit itself to an increase in the number of professional politicians in Wales.

Labour's Lord Howarth of Newport warned that Mayor of London Boris Johnson also wants control of stamp duty, which raises £2bn in the city - 10 times the amount raised in Wales.

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Welsh tax deal could change if Scots get more power

The UK government has said it could reconsider its plans to give the Welsh government income tax powers if Scotland gets more control over income tax there.

Wales Office Minister Baroness Randerson told the House of Lords that "the government remains open to re-visiting the arrangements for income tax devolution in Wales as any changes are brought forward in Scotland".

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Hairdresser, musician, PPS: new man at the Wales Office

It's the last day of term for MPs. Most have already left for sunnier climes or their constituencies.

The Lords plough on for another week - they are currently debating the Wales Bill.

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Cameron defends 'life and death' criticism of Welsh NHS

David Cameron is back in Westminster after a flying visit to the Royal Welsh Show.

While in Llanelwedd, the prime minister spoke to my ITV Wales colleague Adrian Masters about his decision to replace David Jones with Stephen Crabb, the continuing rail row between the Welsh and UK governments and those comments about Offa's Dyke being a line between life and death.

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The news where you are hits the headlines

Remember the "democratic deficit"?

That was the alliteratively attractive phrase used by those who bemoan the paucity of coverage of Welsh politics in the media consumed by their constituents or clients.

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Welsh Secretary takes flak for 'pathetic starter beard'

Those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms after yesterday's Welsh grand committee will be glad to know that the transcript of the debates is now available.

It featured the debuts in their new roles of the Wales Office ministerial team Stephen Crabb and Alun Cairns. I covered Mr Crabb's contribution here yesterday.

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Minister draws line, but not between life and and death

Yesterday, there was the "walk of fame" along Downing Street in front of the world's cameras.

Today, it was the Welsh grand committee in front of the parliamentary TV cameras, two journalists and a dozen or so empty public seats.

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Crabb: Welsh cabinet job "meaningless under devolution"

And now it's official, as the newspapers used to say.

A beaming Stephen Crabb emerged from No 10 Downing Street at 10:40am to declare he was "very pleased" with his new job as Secretary of State for Wales. His priority? "Working hard for Wales". He ducked a question about becoming the first bearded Conservative cabinet minister for more than a century.

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David added analysis to:

Stephen Crabb gets Wales secretary job

And now it's official, as the newspapers used to say...

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Reshuffle: Welsh changes and the Beard Liberation Front

I wouldn't say he was demob happy but David Jones was as cheerful as anyone who had just been sacked could be.

"I'm not unhappy," he told me shortly after leaving his Downing Street meeting with the prime minister. "It is right he should refresh his team. I have been in the Wales Office more than four years". [as both a junior minister and secretary of state]

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