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Political machinations

  • 22 October 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Lord Smith of Kelvin
Lord Smith has been keen to engage with civic Scotland as well as politicians

The Smith Commission - which holds its first meeting with political party representatives today - is an intriguing creation, operating at different levels.

Firstly, what it is not. It is not the cross-party Constitutional Convention which paved the way to Scotland's Parliament in the first place - nor is it the Calman Commission which generated enhanced powers in the Scotland Act 2012.

For Lord Smith of Kelvin, "l'etat, c'est moi." He sits, alone and palely loitering. Alone, that is, apart from some of the smartest civil servants on these islands. Alone apart from the torrent of advice which will come his way, not least from the political leaders he will meet today.

Unlike the Convention, unlike Calman, this is not a cross-party body. It will not - at least overtly - involve a cross-party fix. The senior political figures - and they are decidedly senior - who attend today are interested advisers, not members.

Serious people

Robert Smith will take soundings with the stated aim (remember the vow - sorry, Vow?) of outlining a Heads of Agreement document by the end of November.

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Barking the orders

  • 9 October 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Guide dogs, trainee, in the Holyrood public gallery
Trainee guide dogs were in the Scottish Parliament's public gallery during FMQs

Never, goes the old theatre maxim, work with children or animals. Tricia Marwick, Holyrood's Presiding Officer, deals with childish behaviour on a daily basis. Today she coped admirably with an animal intervention.

In parliament today were Demi, Quaver, Hero, Iona, Warwick and Marco. They are guide dog puppies, there to garner support for that valuable service. As Ms Marwick welcomed them, one barked cheerfully. (My guess is Quaver, given the duration of the contented yelp.)

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If not independence...

  • 7 October 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Dejected independence supporters
After the Scottish independence referendum delivered a "No" vote, thoughts now turn to further devolution

If not independence, then what? That is now the immediate focus of the Scottish body politic.

Not, however, the sole focus in that a significant section of the populace does not accept that independence should be entirely abandoned as an objective.

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Taking a turn for the Orwellian?

  • 2 October 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Has first minister's questions taken a turn for the Orwellian?

Perhaps it is post referendum ennui, perhaps it is the stimulating sight of the mighty United at the top of the league - but a curious detachment crept up on me during questions to the first minister.

Some vague recollection kept scratching at the pitiful remains of my cerebrum, laid waste by endless months of political argument.

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Let's play a fun game of 'Duopoly'

  • 1 October 2014
  • From the section Scotland
David Cameron
David Cameron is promising that, if re-elected, he would raise the tax-free allowance

Here is a fun game you can all play. Take David Cameron's speech today - and project its key offer forward to a time in which income tax has been devolved to Scotland.

Key offer? Protect NHS spending in England? Close. Constrain immigration? No, not that one either. Income tax cuts? Got it.

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Serving the people of Scotland

  • 25 September 2014
  • From the section Scotland

It was a day for citation. Mostly, of course, our tribunes cited the People of Scotland. But, occasionally, they turned to other, lesser sources.

Alex Salmond, representing the Ancien Régime (albeit voluntarily departing), suggested drily to Labour's Johann Lamont that she might usefully pay heed to voices apparently raised by members of her party at Westminster.

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Sturgeon's challenge

  • 24 September 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon will face many challenges ahead - on the realistic presumption that she is elected SNP leader and thus first minister.

Not, incidentally, that she was making any such presumption today: her linguistic tense was uniformly conditional.

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Rising to the challenge

The division in the referendum could scarcely have been more fundamental: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Answer given, it was incumbent upon our elected politicians to rise to the challenge of seeking a degree of consensus. The alternative, of course, would be political stasis.

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Analysis: The Union lives on - now England expects

union flag on scotland shop

The day after the night that has gone - and a few random, disjointed meanderings anent the referendum result which sees Scotland stay within the Union.

For, amid all the reaction and the talk of further reform, that is the primary outcome. Scotland stays in the Union. The UK, as founded in 1707, subject to considerable subsequent amendment, remains in force.

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Analysis: Referendum results night (in bite-sized chunks)

Yes No signs and flag

Keeping up with what is happening as the results of the Scottish referendum come in. Here are some bite-sized chunks of analysis.....

Posted 07:16

David Cameron says there is clear support for maintaining the union. It is time now for the UK to come together - with a "balanced settlement" which is fair to Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

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