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Confident but not flawless

So how did she do? Not at all bad, for starters. She seemed reasonably confident, she picked a topical and highly relevant subject and she pursued her narrative through to its scheduled conclusion.

We are talking of Kezia Dugdale, she who deputises for Jim Murphy at the top of Scottish Labour.

For now, Mr Murphy lacks a Holyrood seat so it falls to Ms Dugdale to put the case for her party in questioning the first minister.

In response, Nicola Sturgeon was at her most consensual - which, no doubt, is a source of exasperation to her interrogators.

There they are, all set to assume their most indignant stance - and she pre-empts them with a smile and an offer of talks.

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Shaking off the habit of losing

  • 15 December 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Jim Murphy and supporters

Those who were there liked it. Rather a lot, it would seem, although audience reaction is not an entirely reliable guide in these shallow days.

Presumably those who harbour doubts about Jim Murphy's leadership of Scottish Labour stayed away. Certainly, there was no sign of Johann Lamont - and no mention of her either.

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The cost of gathering winter fuel

  • 11 December 2014
  • From the section Scotland

Christmas, eh? The Festive Season. Time for jollity. Time for turkey, pudding and presents. Time for mistletoe and wine - and sundry other Yuletide hits.

Time, for too many of our fellow citizens, to choose between heating and eating.

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How to love yourself

  • 4 December 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Neil Findlay
Neil Findlay (seen here on the left) appeared to praise himself in a press release (below)

Finally, the unvarnished truth. A statement from a senior politician, shorn of spin, devoid of manipulation. The hero in question? Labour's Neil Findlay.

Earlier this week, the MSP issued a confident news release, informing an astonished nation: "Neil Findlay praises Neil Findlay's huge contribution."

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When it's time to pack your bags

  • 27 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland

The room was crowded, the atmosphere intense, the focus complete.

The décor was minimal, with rough, half-finished plaster on the walls. The toilers, the scribes, appeared not to notice.

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Balancing act for Nicola Sturgeon's government programme

  • 26 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland
nicola sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon said in advance - not least at the SNP conference - that her aim was to balance the search for social justice with pursuing economic growth.

She said again today in presenting her Programme for Government that she wanted to achieve "participation, prosperity and fairness".

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Congratulations and commiserations

  • 21 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Scottish cabinet

Congratulations to the new ministerial team: the new deputy first minister, those promoted to cabinet, those given a new portfolio, those staying where they are, those joining the government for the very first time.

Perhaps a special word might be reserved for Maureen Watt who returns to public office after tholing a deliberative spell on the back benches.

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Are Holyrood's ding dong days over?

  • 20 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Leslie Phillips
Will Holyrood in future see much "ding dong", as actor Leslie Phillips would put it?

And then the questions start. Part of the joys of government. The first one confronting Nicola Sturgeon?

Do you, "solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that you will well and truly serve Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, in the office of first minister of the Scottish government?".

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A family affair

  • 19 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon's family was at Holyrood to see Ms Sturgeon become first minister

In office as first minister, Nicola Sturgeon will not be short of advice.

From the civil service, from her colleagues, from the public, from her friends and family. She noted that she would be happy to draw on the well of expertise that is her predecessor, Alex Salmond.

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Mr Salmond, just one more thing......

  • 18 November 2014
  • From the section Scotland
Peter Falk, playing TV detective Columbo
Peter Falk played the TV detective Columbo who used the phrase: "And just one more thing...."

One of the enduring joys of this rough trade of journalism is the opportunity to chat and gossip with politicians, from the aspiring to the senior. Only surpassed by the chance to be cheeky, on air or in print.

In that regard, I may be said to resemble Columbo, the TV detective. There is always one last question to ask - and I am always touchingly grateful for the opportunity. (Who said my dress sense is similar too? Take that person's name.)

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