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Andrew Neil on Ed Davey climate change interview critics

The Sunday Politics interview with Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey on July 14 provoked widespread reaction in the twittersphere and elsewhere, which was only to be expected given the interview was about the latest developments in global warming and the implications for government policy.

The Sunday Politics remit and interview duration means we are able to carry out proper forensic interviews on such matters.

It is becoming a hallmark of our programme, whether it's challenging the global warming assumptions of the climate change secretary, the NUT's historic resistance to school reforms by Tory and Labour governments, or the activities of the leader of the English Defence League.

Many of the criticisms of the Davey interview seem to misunderstand the purpose of a Sunday Politics interview.

This was neatly summed up in a Guardian blog by Dana Nuccitelli, who works for a multi-billion dollar US environmental business (Tetra Tech) and writes prodigiously about global warming and related matters from a very distinct perspective.

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Eurozone deal: Greek default could still happen

21 February 2012
Euro sculpture outside the ECB
A Greek default has been averted but Andrew Neil is not sure about its future

So, after 13 hours of talks into the wee small hours of this morning (unlucky for them!), eurozone finance ministers finally reached an agreement in principle on a second Greek bailout, this one worth 130bn euro plus a 50%+ write-down of private lenders holdings of Greek sovereign debt.

Since it's less than two years since Bailout 1 of 110bn euro and things in Greece have gone from bad to worse, you might wonder why this second one will do any better. And you'd not be the only one doing the wondering.

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UK economy: Squeeze is far from over, says Andrew Neil

11 October 2011

I flew out of New York last night reading a New York Times report about collapsing living standards in Middle America to arrive in London to a similar story about Britain.

Between June 2009, when the US recession officially ended, and June 2011, inflation-adjusted median household income fell 6.7%, to $49,909, according to a study by two former Census Bureau officials.

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