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AstraZeneca 4209.50p
Aviva 476.20p
BAE Systems 469.00p
Barclays 257.00p
BG Group 1093.00p
BHP Billiton 1194.50p
BP 391.60p
British American Tobacco 3770.00p
BT Group 434.00p
Burberry Group 1504.00p
Centrica 243.10p
Compass Group 1074.00p
Diageo 1831.00p
easyJet 1695.00p
Friends Life Group Limited 429.40p
GlaxoSmithKline 1310.00p
HSBC Holdings 532.20p
InterContinental Hotels Group 2426.00p
International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (CDI) 562.50p
Invensys 509.50p
Kingfisher 351.00p
Lloyds Banking Group 77.21p
Marks & Spencer Group 492.30p
Mitchells & Butlers 332.00p
Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets 180.90p
National Grid 913.50p
Next 7615.00p
Prudential 1514.50p
Rio Tinto 2599.50p
Rolls-Royce Holdings 755.50p
Royal Bank of Scotland Group 334.30p
Royal Dutch Shell 'A' 1811.00p
Royal Dutch Shell 'B' 1833.00p
Royal Mail 469.50p
Sainsbury (J) 275.70p
Severn Trent 2228.00p
Sky 1080.00p
SSE 1557.00p
Standard Chartered 786.70p
Standard Life 424.60p
Tesco 204.80p
Unilever 2786.00p
United Utilities Group 965.00p
Vodafone Group 211.95p

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