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Thomas Cook Group 119.80p
TR Property Inv Trust 264.30p
Travis Perkins 1715.00p
TUI Travel 369.10p
Tullett Prebon 272.50p
Tullow Oil 713.50p
UBM 635.00p
UDG Healthcare Public Limited Company 343.80p
UK Commercial Property Trust 82.00p
Ultra Electronics Holdings 1808.00p
Unilever 2648.00p
Unite Group 430.90p
United Utilities Group 897.00p
Vedanta Resources 1015.00p
Vesuvius 464.20p
Victrex plc 1771.00p
Vodafone Group 200.60p
Weir Group 2640.00p
Wetherspoon (J.D.) 731.50p
WH Smith 1130.00p
Whitbread 4364.00p
William Hill 347.80p
Witan Inv Trust 704.50p
Wolseley 3214.00p
Wood Group (John) 789.50p
Workspace Group 630.00p
Worldwide Healthcare Trust 1368.00p
WPP 1228.00p
Xaar 559.00p

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