23 October 2014 Last updated at 15:14

Tesco shares slump on profits errorTesco shoper, Glasgow

Tesco shares have slumped 8% after the retailer announced that profits were overstated by £263m, £13m more than the original estimate.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with female cabinet ministersJapan court backs pregnant woman

Japan's Supreme Court backs a woman who unsuccessfully sued her employer following a demotion due to her pregnancy.

LorriesLorry tax take bigger than expected

A new tax on foreign heavy goods lorries coming to the UK could rake in twice as much as the government expected, new figures suggest.

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Robert Peston Article written by Robert Peston Robert Peston Economics editor

What price to save the NHS?

How would the main political parties find the money for the real increase in health spending that NHS England says is necessary to fill a £30bn black hole?

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Kamal Ahmed Article written by Kamal Ahmed Kamal Ahmed Business editor

Tesco, what went wrong?

Key investors and former leading executives reveal challenge for new chief executive

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Linda Yueh Article written by Linda Yueh Linda Yueh Chief business correspondent

Softening China's growth target

Chinese policymakers have laid the groundwork over the past year to soften the country's economic growth target of 7.5%.

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