Call to help elderly in energy switch

Gas bill

Family and friends should help older people to switch energy supplier to save money on their gas and electricity bills, campaigners say.

The Energy Saving Trust said support from others would help those not confident in finding a better deal.

Energy regulator Ofgem said that 88% of energy customers had not switched in the past year.

A separate study suggested more than a million older customers faced poor service from energy firms.

The Energy Ombudsman and Age UK said that many of those aged over 65 did not want to make a fuss after being poorly treated by energy firms.

Citizens Advice said that the process of switching was relatively straightforward, and urged people to take advantage of better deals before heating bills started to bite in the winter.

The call comes shortly after the banking sector was told to do more to encourage switching between current accounts, although many people are daunted or uninspired to take part in the switching process.

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